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Facade and sun protection systems Colt: they not only decorate the architectural appearance of buildings, but also reduce power consumption.

The facade, optimizing daylight and sun protection systems that we offer help to normalize daylight and eliminate glare, which improves the conditions for staying inside buildings and reduces electricity costs.

Фасадные и солнцезащитные системы Colt

Advantages of our facade and sun protection systems

With their help, too bright light is eliminated and the temperature regime in the premises is optimized during the warm season. In the summer, the microclimate in the building is protected against possible overheating by means of adjustable, heat reflecting slats, whose slope angle changes based on the solar location. These lamellas partially absorb the rays, and in part – reflect, as a result of which the most favorable is established inside the rooms.

Фасадные и солнцезащитные системы Colt

This carries a lot of advantages:

  • Due to the decrease in the flow of heat into the rooms, favorable conditions for work are established in them, uniform lighting prevails;
  • The need for air conditioning is reduced throughout the summer months;
  • Sun protection systems are becoming a stylish architectural element.

Why choose Colt products?

Фасадные и солнцезащитные системы Colt

In order to achieve the necessary performance and not to spoil the aesthetics of the appearance of the building, you should carefully choose the effective system of facade shading.

Фасадные и солнцезащитные системы Colt

Employees of the company Colt closely cooperate with design organizations, rigorously perform the necessary calculations and modeling in order to achieve a better solution to the problem of shading without losing architectural beauty.

Фасадные и солнцезащитные системы Colt

Colt offers systems that include fixed in the horizontal plane, or vertically adjustable lamellas made of aluminum, textiles or glass.

Фасадные и солнцезащитные системы Colt

Our company is pleased to offer you a full package of solutions, which includes the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Фасадные и солнцезащитные системы Colt

On Colt you can count, because:

  • We solve the problems of shading complexly;
  • We know the climate behavior inside the premises very well and have the widest technological knowledge;
  • We offer economically effective, as well as rational solutions that fully meet your needs. We develop them with the participation of Autocad and CFD software (computer simulation applications) – you can find out more details about supporting the implemented projects in the appropriate section;
  • We are always ready to give our clients advice on the current standards and legislation working in this or that area;
  • Our products are developed in accordance with the exact requirements set forth in your project and, if necessary, will be checked at the center of scientific research;
  • We supply the highest quality products with a long warranty;
  • We will teach you how to work with our systems and will support you throughout all stages of the process of our cooperation, as well as organize technical seminars absolutely free for you.
Фасадные и солнцезащитные системы Colt

What is considered in the procedure for designing sun protection systems?

Фасадные и солнцезащитные системы Colt

The transition to the implementation of projects based on the principle of energy efficiency has become evident in the owners of various buildings and their tenants. Looking at various alternatives and comparing possible solutions together with our professional designers, owners of immovable objects will necessarily come to the opinion that the arrangement of the solar shading system is the ideal solution for recreating the “green” building. The sun protection system can significantly reduce the need for air conditioning, which can be overloaded with sunlight trickling through the window openings. In fact, such systems, according to the current standards of individual countries, have already become an integral part of the building exterior.

Фасадные и солнцезащитные системы Colt

Sun protection systems absorb a certain amount of sunlight, which otherwise would leak into the room. They are designed to maximize the use of daylight and at the same time – to reduce thermal activity and create a truly supportive environment. Our company offers a variety of sun protection systems – from fixed installation, made of aluminum, and fully automatic, equipped with photovoltaic elements.

Фасадные и солнцезащитные системы Colt

Features of solar geometry

The sun rises in the east, it goes in the west. That is, the sun describes a circular trajectory, and reaches its “peak” when it is located on the northern part of the sky (for half a year) or in its southern part.

Фасадные и солнцезащитные системы Colt

One of the most important parts of the design is the prevention of the direct fall of the rays of the sun into the building for a whole day, and in addition, throughout the year. Another need is to ensure a balance between shading and sufficient penetration of daylight into rooms.

Facade oriented to the west or east

Usually for facades that are oriented to the east, shading through fixed slats is not the best choice, because the solar position is too low. The rays in this case can penetrate most of the horizontally arranged slats.

Фасадные и солнцезащитные системы Colt

To eliminate this problem, adjustable sun protectors are used.

Sun blind lamellae with the possibility of adjustment in comparison with fixed products can be installed vertically on the window surface, while optimizing both shading and visibility due to a well thought-out control system providing an optimal lamellar angle from the solar positions.

Adjustable systems for facades enable the internal climate in the building to adapt to weather changes and the sunny position so that the light and heat inputs are optimal. This optimization leads to a decrease in the heat load.

Фасадные и солнцезащитные системы Colt

Using adjustable facade systems, you reduce the likelihood of too much shading, or, conversely, its total absence by adjusting the slats throughout the day.

Фасадные и солнцезащитные системы Colt

Colt provides individual solutions: we will find for you unusual and spectacular options

Our advanced technical solutions and knowledge contribute to the effective transformation of the architect’s ideas into reality. If you have an atypical project, we can develop the best solution in close cooperation.

Фасадные и солнцезащитные системы Colt

Our specialists will make the necessary calculations and create a model scheme, so you can be absolutely sure that our solution will provide you with the best result and solve all your problems.

In addition, we are always happy to invite you to take advantage of the numerous testing tools available at our disposal, create experienced models and physically test them.

Glass sun protection tents and photovoltaics

At this time in architecture, the functionality and aesthetic appearance of buildings are brought to the forefront. This is also true for the use of suspended facades made of glass, integrated into structures, which must fully comply with the strict rules for protecting our environment. Colt is one of the largest modern manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality systems that are assembled from glass slats.

Фасадные и солнцезащитные системы Colt

Colt’s photovoltaic and glass lamella systems can boast a noticeable synergistic effect: they are able to automatically regulate the intensity of radiation penetrating the building of the sun, and, in addition, at any time of the year they can process solar radiation into electrical energy. The automated control system allows to optimize the lamellar position accordingly with the current solar position.

Фасадные и солнцезащитные системы Colt

The advantages of using it are obvious:

  • Inside the building, more light penetrates;
  • Reduces the risk of blindness of people in it;
  • You can get cheap solar energy to generate electricity.



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