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///Integrated solutions FireTechnics and COLT GROUP
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FireTechnics, a large group of companies, together with Colt International, is pleased to offer customers a comprehensive solution for ventilation, air conditioning, installation of smoke and heat removal devices for glass facades, and production and subsequent installation of fire barriers (specialized gates and curtains, Protecting from fire and smoke).

Project support

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Methods of our design and tools

Professional architects, developers, suppliers and consultants have the right to count on the widest range of optimal solutions and a comprehensive approach to the implementation of the tasks.

Комплексные решения FireTechnics и COLT GROUP

Maintaining projects and solving any problems

All consulting consultants, designers and developers consult us for quick and qualitative solutions to problems at the design stage of completely new or reconstructed buildings.

Комплексные решения FireTechnics и COLT GROUP

Consulting support of the project

The employees of our company have a profound knowledge of methods and technologies, as well as extensive experience in developing the most effective combination of systems and products through which we can achieve the necessary productivity and production efficiency.

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Calculation and simulation

The effectiveness of the systems we develop is tested in a simulated computer environment using software for CFD analysis, which allows us to predict the movement of air in the space under study with a 100% accuracy. As a result, we can develop truly individual concepts that correspond to one or another situation.
We calculate the angle, under which the sun’s rays must fall and receive heat, in order to develop the most effective sun protection system.

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Projects of buildings with high energy efficiency

Our staff is able to help architects prepare energy-efficient systems for their projects that can integrate natural lightening, ventilation and shading within a single management system.

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The buildings that have architectural value and are functional

Our specialists in tandem with architects will develop a solution that fully meets the requirements of the project and at the same time is truly aesthetic. In addition, you will be assisted in unlocking the potential of your building in the field of energy efficiency, improving its fire safety parameters and giving it a unique appearance without compromising functionality.

Комплексные решения FireTechnics и COLT GROUP

Colt and FireTechnics Technical Seminars

Комплексные решения FireTechnics и COLT GROUP

At the technical seminars held by FireTechnics and Colt, we are pleased to offer you our unsurpassed knowledge, as well as experience in the development of projects and individual solutions. This is possible due to a two-way approach in solving the main project issues. The program of our technical seminars is an integral part of this effective and continuous process.

We hold free of charge technical seminars on various topics:

  • Principles of design of thermal and smoke removal systems;
  • Drafting and operation of smoke curtains and fire retardant barriers;
  • The development of effectively functioning shading systems.

Any of our seminars can be organized in such a way, in order to fully meet the requirements you require. Seminars of such a plan we usually conduct on the territory of your company. They consider the latest trends, as well as the current legislation.

Equipment intended for thermal and smoke removal

The equipment for thermal and smoke removal serves for forced and natural heat and smoke removal from the structure to the outside. This equipment is designed to ensure that in the event of a fire, evacuate escape routes from smoke and reduce possible damage. Our system of thermal and house removal includes three basic components:

  • Smoke curtains, used to ensure that smoke does not spread through the building;
  • Equipment for smoke and heat removal;
  • Equipment designed to supply fresh air to the building.

The structure of projects can often include a system of air ducts.

Комплексные решения FireTechnics и COLT GROUP

Equipment for forced and natural thermal and smoke removal: comparison

If you need to choose the optimal device for forced or natural smoke and heat removal, you should understand the difference between them. Equipment that provides the processes of natural thermal and smoke removal, is based on the principle of a natural flow of heated gases, rushing out of the building. Devices of such a plan often perform a dual function: serve as a heat and smoke removal equipment in case of fire, as well as equipment for natural ventilation under standard conditions.

Комплексные решения FireTechnics и COLT GROUP

Contamination through toxic gases

In buildings where the roof area is large, care should be taken to prevent the spread of smoke inside the area under the roof. This can contribute to the installation of smoke protection curtains, effectively dividing the premises into small areas. These barriers are put on a permanent basis, can be automated, glass, or textile. Often they are used in large buildings, such as malls or atriums to control the smoke distribution within buildings.

Комплексные решения FireTechnics и COLT GROUP

Such a parameter as the height of a layer of absolutely clean air below the level of the smoke layer is very important. It is required that this layer be really high in order to ensure good patrolling of evacuation routes, protection of all kinds of material values, and in addition, for problem-free use of the building in case of lowering the installed smoke shields to the minimum acceptable level.

Комплексные решения FireTechnics и COLT GROUP

Supply of fresh air to the building

The sufficiency of the level of intake of fresh air into the building is vital. Along with the process of smoke removal, removal of gases and heat, clean air must go inside the structure. Otherwise, decompression may occur inside its premises, as a result of which the thermal and smoke removal system will cease to function. Provide for the supply of fresh air into the building are devices for natural thermal and smoke removal that lead them to smoke tanks removed from the fire, or equipment mounted low above the ground level, or special automatic doors.

Комплексные решения FireTechnics и COLT GROUP

Next Steps

Fire Technics in conjunction with Colt can help your company design efficient systems for heat and smoke removal. We offer comprehensive advice in the design of systems for thermal and smoke removal.

Комплексные решения FireTechnics и COLT GROUP

Heat and smoke removal systems

Комплексные решения FireTechnics и COLT GROUP

If a fire starts, our smoke removal system will help prevent its further spread, as well as heat distribution from one zone to another.
In the absence of a system for removing heat and smoke, the fire easily spreads to all parts of the building. When the smoke travels far, it will cool, fall down and lead to extremely dangerous contamination of the premises. If the smoke is removed in time, its layer remains light and warm, and ventilation is made more efficiently. In a large building with smoke-shielding curtains, it is possible to form reservoirs that separate smoke.

Комплексные решения FireTechnics и COLT GROUP

Fire and smoke shielding curtains

Systems designed to protect against smoke and heat may have a form of physical barriers – fire-retardant and smoke-shielded curtains. If there is a need for a one-time isolation of fire and smoke, it is desirable to use flame retardants instead of smoke shielding curtains. Barriers of a physical nature (curtains) are retractable or fixed. Retractable type systems have the advantage in that, being rolled up, they are close to the ceiling, being almost invisible until the very moment they are used. They are activated only in case of a fire in the building.

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Anti-smoke systems: sealing systems

A qualitatively different approach can be applied due to the use of sealing systems. With their help, it is possible to protect evacuation routes from smoke penetration, maintaining a high level of pressure in comparison with the adjacent rooms. They do not provide any protection at the site of the fire, but they help prevent its spread on the main routes of evacuation routes.

Комплексные решения FireTechnics и COLT GROUP

Next Steps

Fire Technics together with Colt are able to provide pro-consulting in conjunction with the design of smoke removal systems that also fight with toxic gases. We provide consulting services for virtually all projects that are being implemented.

Комплексные решения FireTechnics и COLT GROUP

What parameters need to be considered when designing sun protection systems?

And the owners of the buildings and their potential tenants during the consideration of all possible alternatives and compare the solutions together with our designers will be strengthened in agreement that solar shading system (shading) – this is the perfect solution for so-called.. “Green” building. Protects from the sun system is able to significantly reduce the demands on the air conditioning, loaded sunlight trickling through the window openings. It is worth noting that the sun protection systems according to the standards in individual states have already become an integral part of the building exterior.

Комплексные решения FireTechnics и COLT GROUP

Sun protection systems can absorb a certain part of the sunlight, otherwise it would penetrate into the rooms. They are designed to use the sun’s light to the maximum and at the same time to reduce its thermal parameters, which helps to establish a pleasant light environment inside the structure. We offer a wide range of solar protection systems – from fixed, manufactured from aluminum, to fully automated, equipped with photovoltaic elements.

A bit of solar geometry

As you know, the sun rises in the east, and sits – in the west. The light constantly describes a circular trajectory, reaching its own peak, being in the northern zone of the sky for half a year, or in its southern part.

Комплексные решения FireTechnics и COLT GROUP

An extremely important part of the design is to prevent the direct rays of the sun from falling directly inside the building during the light day, as well as during the year. There is also a need to ensure a balance between the rays penetrating the building and its dimming.

Facade oriented to the west or east

Usually for facades that look to the east, shading through fixed slats is not suitable, since the solar position is too low. The sun’s rays are able to penetrate the absolute majority of horizontally arranged slats.

Комплексные решения FireTechnics и COLT GROUP

To eliminate this problem, adjustable sun protectors are used. Compared with fixed, they can be attached vertically to the inclined surface, optimizing visibility and shading due to an effective control system that ensures optimum plate angle, starting from solar positions. Facade systems with the possibility of adjustment allow the internal microclimate to adjust to the weather changes and the location of the sun in such a way that the light and heat inputs are really optimal. This optimization helps reduce the heat load.

Комплексные решения FireTechnics и COLT GROUP

Thanks to the installation of adjustable facade systems, the probability of too much shading is significantly reduced, or, in contrast to the lack of optimal shade of publications throughout the day.

Комплексные решения FireTechnics и COLT GROUP



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