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What do we offer

We have tremendous experience in the development of efficient and economically well-balanced solutions for smoke removal and ventilation in difficult operating conditions prevailing, for example, in incineration plants and power plants. In this regard, experts Colt can offer you an extensive range of products that:

  • Tested in the course of multiple practical tests;
  • Have enviable stability;
  • Have high efficiency;
  • Simply installed;
  • Affordable and multifunctional.

Colt has offices all over the world, because field specialists are able to provide support to master designers and building owners, from project preparation through CFD simulation and until the installation of the solution proposed by him.

Промышленная вентиляция Кольт

Colt practices a comprehensive approach, becoming a reliable partner responsible for the creation of the project, the supply of equipment, its installation, and, in addition, for the efficiency and productivity of the system created in the future.

Literally every building has its own characteristics and needs an individual approach. Our initiative and search for the most effective solution will guarantee for you the optimal performance of the created system.

Our approach

The formation of the internal environment of the building is influenced by numerous factors, including location, building materials and applications. The structure is in continuous interaction with the environment, because the change in temperature and weather significantly affects its internal climate.

Промышленная вентиляция Кольт

If we consider the case of power plants, it is necessary to take into account such factors as: excessive heat and humidity of air, removal of combustion products that are formed during the procedure of energy production, and in the conditions of stations specializing in processing biomass, this is also an unpleasant smell.

Our professional integrated approach necessarily takes into account the above factors that affect the environment established within these buildings and solves the problems associated with proper ventilation of power plants, such as, for example:

  • Too high temperature (any station, as a rule, has a minimum and maximum permissible temperature, which is suitable for optimal operation), which worsens the well-being and work capacity of the personnel;
  • Poor air quality in the internal station premises;
  • Accumulation of excessive moisture condensate;
  • The need to ventilate the premises, regardless of the weather;
  • Due to pressure, ventilation efficiency can vary;
  • There is always a risk of explosion;
  • Due to the operation of the equipment, the noise level is high;
  • In the vicinity there is an unpleasant smell (near stations specializing in processing biomass);
  • Requires attention to fire safety.

In case the building allows this, we will offer, first of all, to develop a system of natural ventilation “Colt”, which can reduce operating costs due to zero electricity consumption.

Among the benefits of such a system, we note:

  • Electricity consumption is reduced to zero;
  • The maintenance costs of the system are minimal;
  • There is no СО2 emission;
  • The system functions silently;
  • It is capable of self-regulation (the larger the volume of hot air is created, the stronger and faster it rises);
  • Operating costs will be extremely low;
  • The service life of such a system is very long;
  • The probability of failure is negligible.

In order to achieve the most optimal and effective solution it is necessary to concretize the idea of the necessary form of ventilation from the very beginning. In particular, where the conditions for this are available, it is reasonable to use some of the heat that is removed, for example, for heating the air coming from outside. In situations where the type of building or customer’s requirements do not allow us to take advantage of natural ventilation, we can organize mechanical ventilation, which will help achieve the desired result.

Промышленная вентиляция Кольт

Features of modeling situations in order to obtain the most optimal solution

The equipment used by Colt uses a CFD simulation program (ComputationalFluidDynamics) to simulate the conditions under which hot air movement will be carried out in the structure. Such a software tool makes it possible to “predict” how energy will move and transmit within a building under a variety of conditions. Data can be entered in the CFD from the thermal imaging device, and then, based on the sources of heat sources installed inside the building, specialists can simulate the movement of hot air. After completion of the study, they will be able to offer a solution that helps eliminate heat accumulation in the building.

Conducting CFD analysis can be useful for obtaining the most effective combination of smoke removal and heat removal in order to achieve optimal working conditions inside the structure – a comfortable, safe and energy-efficient internal environment.

Промышленная вентиляция Кольт

Measurement and inspection of conditions inside buildings by Colt experts

Our company is pleased to offer you individual services for the installation of equipment in a variety of buildings, as well as related survey of the surrounding area. Colt has at its disposal the most advanced technologies for studying acoustic and thermal conditions, air currents, air quality, pressure and safety. With scrupulous analysis of the conditions, we identify possible problems and propose solutions. Detailed analysis allows us to develop a real individualized solution, fully adapted to the specific situation and ensuring the continuity of the system.
Промышленная вентиляция
Sample model for the initial survey using the CFD method: the model of a multilevel structure and the pressure distribution near the neutral level
Промышленная вентиляция
A sample of the original model using the CFD method: the power plant building model and the temperature distribution
Модель здания в CFD-имитации
The building model presented in the CFD simulation: this is how the natural holes in the wall and the ventilations on the roof are placed.

Our high-quality products

промышленная вентиляция

The really difficult working conditions at power plants, as well as stations specializing in biomass processing, imply the use of equipment that will be sustainable to them. The equipment offered by us, tested in state-of-the-art laboratories, including other countries, has shown itself to be exceptionally stable. It is manufactured strictly in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.

Mechanical or natural ventilation to eliminate smoke, vapors and moisture:

  • Fans for wall mounting: FCO, Airlite, VO, Coltlite;
  • Fans for installation on the roof: Labyrinth, WCO, EuroCO;
  • Anti-rain / ventilation shutters: UniversalLouvre;
  • Mechanical product: Liberator;
  • Equipment designed to release the explosion: Securex;
  • Decentralized ventilation system: Coltair;
  • Cooling systems: CoolStream.

Blast chimney units, which are integrated into the system for its natural removal, designed for safe human evacuation in case of fire, as well as minimization of damage caused by such emergency:

  • Forced / roof fans: EuroCO, Labyrinth, WCO;
  • Inflow / wall fans: VO, FCO, Airlite, Coltlite;
  • Ventilation module for different weather conditions: Weatherlite;
  • Louvered and shaded systems, serving as a simultaneous quality protectors against rain: Liberator.

Shading and shading systems, which also serve as rainwater protection:

  • Structural, UniversalLouvre.

Sound-proof curtains, used to prevent the spread of unwanted noise, practically do not affect the environment and provide a truly effective ventilation of the premises:

  • AcousticLouvre.

Natural ventilation in heavy industry

Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности
Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности
Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности
Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности
Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности
Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности
Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности

Where natural ventilation is needed:

  • At enterprises in the steel industry;
  • In the aluminum industry;
  • At power stations;
  • At enterprises in the glass industry;
  • In factories specializing in the burning of garbage;
  • In the manufacturing industry.
Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности
Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности
Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности
Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности
Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности
Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности

Profile of our company

For about eight decades, Colt has provided a truly comfortable, healthy and safe working environment for people in both commercial and industrial buildings. The services and products offered by the company are designed so that people can comfortably live and work in their environment, feel safe and comfortable in it. The range of Colt services includes the solution of various problems and the provision of competent advice, complete project management, and in addition, the development, delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems.

As a supplier and manufacturer of mechanical and natural ventilation systems of global importance, Colt has the main activity in the form of supply of special products and systems in the field of public services. Particular emphasis is placed on heating, ventilation, cooling, fire-fighting equipment, sun shading equipment, natural lighting and monitoring of environmental conditions for commercial and industrial buildings.

Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности
Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности

Formulation of the problem

Our main goal is to make the modern world an ideal place for work and a comfortable life, to help make healthier, safer, more convenient and productive work that fills the surrounding buildings.

Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности
Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности

The use of natural ventilation in heavy industry

In facilities such as power plants, aluminum smelters, garbage incinerators, and so on, turbine furnaces, piping systems and auxiliary devices give off a huge amount of heat due to convection and radiation. For a comfortable stay in these zones of people, the temperature regime should not exceed the established maximum values. It is obvious that in the factories of such a plan the arrangement of natural ventilation is often an extremely effective ventilation form, and, moreover, the most economically advantageous method. With the increase in the volume of heated air, it is removed by natural ventilation through the roof.

The goal of effective operation of the created ventilation is to maintain a balance between the exhaust and supply air. To achieve this, qualitative development of the system allows.

Criteria for the development of a ventilation system

Determine the ratio of pressure in the building can be by means of a special computer program for the development of natural ventilation. It is on the basis of the received data that the dimensions of the necessary vent hole are calculated, and in addition, the places where it is best placed. It is also necessary to take into account an important point, such as a neutral line in the structure. It means a line over which air has a positive pressure in comparison with environmental conditions. Below this line, air masses have a negative pressure. Due to this, the air will be discharged through the specialized holes, which are located above the neutral line. If these holes are located below the notorious line, then the air will flow through them.

Also, various external factors are included in the calculation, for example, the load exerted by the wind, its direction and location of the structure relative to other buildings. The results of the above calculations become the basis for developing an efficient and reliable, regulated natural ventilation system.

Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности
Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности
Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности
Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности
Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности
Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности

Advantages of installing natural ventilation

The installation of a natural ventilation system involves a number of special advantages, such as:

  • In fact, it does not consume energy;
  • Does not need maintenance;
  • It functions silently;
  • Can boast of low operating costs;
  • Has a long service life;
  • Not prone to breakdowns;
  • Requires a small amount of construction work.

In the event that the building or other circumstances do not allow the installation of a natural ventilation system, Colt is able to offer the development of a combined or fully mechanical ventilation system and, in addition, air conditioning systems.

“Labyrinth”: ventilation system installed on the roof

“Labyrinth” is a block for arrangement of natural ventilation, created for the equipment of continuously operating, water-proof ventilation. Such a system is well suited for applications in industries characterized by the allocation of large thermal volumes and noise. In such industrial buildings, on the one hand, it is required to ensure optimal heat removal, and, on the other hand, to reduce the noise threshold. The system offered to you can be used both for removing warm air, and for inflow of fresh air, and also, if there is a desire of the customer, to equip with the function of sound absorption.


“Labyrinth MK2”: it includes lamellas with a standard ventilation capacity, as well as sound absorption.
“Labyrinth MK4”: designed for maximum airflow.

Features of the frame

The frame of the system includes a rectangular formwork, equipped with a built-in lamellar system. These lamellas are put so that the so-called. “Channels-labyrinths”, allowing to reflect sound and reduce sound emission. All models are equipped with edges that hold water in case of rain, then diverted to the roof by a pair of gutters. Due to this design, the system shows an enviable watertightness in the open. Its body is made of high-quality aluminum “Colterra”. Length, height and width can be different, based on individual needs.

Valve (optional)

If necessary, “Labyrinth” can be equipped with a gate that prevents waste of energy, and also used to control air capacity. The design of the valve includes a frame with static lamellar flaps, used to close the ventilations by moving along the guides. The valve is mounted on top of the frame, it can be controlled both electrically and pneumatically.

Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности

The professional experience accumulated by Colt

Colt is a recognized expert in the development of professional HVAC systems for almost 80 years. Our know-how systems, which were the result of extensive practical experience and scrupulous research, conducted in our own research and development laboratories and centers, are truly unbeatable. In addition, for the purpose of research Colt used the most modern technology, among which can be identified:

Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности


Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности


Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности


IGD – Computational Hydrodynamics

This is an imitative mathematical model through which all the most important parameters can be investigated even before the development stage has begun and factors that can have an impact are calculated in advance.

Studies conducted in own wind tunnel

In our research and development and research centers there is an aerodynamic pipe, allowing to subject installations for mechanical and natural ventilation to all possible impacts from the “environment”.

Естественная вентиляция в сфере тяжелой промышленности