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System description

Particularly aesthetically translucent roller gates FireTechnics look in shopping centers, malls and airports.

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Specifications for translucent roller gates FireTechnics


the Translucent roller gates is an exclusive product on the Russian market, which is able to provide both protective and aesthetic properties. A particularly aesthetically pleasing roll-up doors of this type look in shopping centers, malls and airports.

Translucent roller gates are only internal. the Translucent door share functionally common space of the premises. Also this gate can serve as an additional light source, for example, in lighting long corridors of administrative buildings.

the Profile translucent roller gates is made of aluminium with the possibility of painting in any color according to RAL scale, and a cloth — polycarbonate glass, with the result that they perfectly reflect light.


Max. the size and design, mm 4500 × 4000
Light transmittance, % 80
Profile thickness, mm 5
Impact resistance, kg/m² 8
Additionally Painting of aluminum profiles in any color on a scale RAL
Great choice of colors polycarbonate glass
For accurate sizes please contact the managers of the company FireTechnics, depending on Your needs we can make the translucent roll-up doors on the individual sizes.

It is important! Translucent roll-up doors arrive on site virtually pre-assembled condition, which greatly facilitates the assembling of translucent rolling doors, increases the speed and correctness of execution of mounting and commissioning works.

Drawings and installation of translucent rolling gates FireTechnics

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Video about translucent roller gate FireTechnics

Photo of translucent rolling gates FireTechnics


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