Противопожарная безопасность от компании FireTechnics, предлагаем Вам купить системы противопожарной защиты, противопожарное оборудование для организаций и помещений.

Противопожарные системы, Fire Tec (Файр Техникс, Фаер Техникс), ООО Сатурн.


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Офис: Россия, Московская обл., г. Подольск, ул. Бол. Серпуховская, дом 43

Телефоны: 8 (499) 941-07-47

Бесплатный звонок по России: 8 (800) 333-32-91

Производство: Россия, Московская область, г. Коломна, ул. Октябрьская, дом 127

Производство: Россия, Московская область, г. Чехов, ул. Октябрьская, дом 127


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Apartment entrance doors Novosel

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Door entrance “Novosel” has concentrated in itself the highest indicators of durability, durability, ecological compatibility and aesthetic appearance.

Finishing features:

For interior and exterior decoration, a 3 mm WDG coating of HDF was chosen, imitating a natural wood structure and serving as a truly reliable protection for the underlying MDF door panels. 3 mm HDF coating shows enviable resistance to UV rays, temperature changes, and also to light mechanical influences.

Security Settings:

This door is equipped with a system of vertical stiffened ribs, providing it with maximum strength. This system is qualitatively opposed to twisting attempts – it is impossible to bend the corner of the canvas from the side of the castle from intruders. The presence of reinforcing plates made of steel in the lock zone protects the locking mechanism from drilling.

Features of the door structure:

The functions of the carcass, as well as the outer door skin, combine a strongly curved steel sheet with an optimum thickness. The curved profiles of a special shape form a sufficiently rigid frame and make it possible to move the mounted locks away from the edge of the door surface, which contributes to hampering and opening the door. Eccentric (regulator of the porch) door “Novosel” will not let into the house cold air and unpleasant odors from the street.

Locks and fittings:

These doors are equipped with highly reliable locks of the brand Guardian 12.11, cylindrical mechanism “Avers” to / to 4 cells, as well as pushing handles: handle-bars, have a high safety class and are manufactured by a large world company.

No. Name Unit of measurement Amount
1 Type of construction – single-floor Square meters
Frame – steel integral thing 1
Canvas – whole-thickness thickness 55 mm thing 1
Vertical stiffening ribs thing
Steel 1,2-mm sheet steel outside thing 1
Hinges, standing on the thrust bearing thing 2
Steel clypeper 60 to 1.2mm set 1
Ears fastening thing
Holes designed for anchor bolts 4
Counter pins 2
2 The nature of the interior finish of the door is the HDF 3 mm wenge Square meters
Painting frames and linen – powder polymer RAL 8017
3 Locking system:
Basic: Guardian 12.11 thing 1
Cylindrical mechanism of Avers brand k/k 4 kl. thing 1
Handles pressure: in the form of a bar set 1
Eye of the Fuaro 50 for 90 thing 1
thing 1
4 Thermal insulation of the door cavity – polystyrene foam Square meters
5 Rubber seals D 12X14 circuit 1
входные двери новосел
входные двери новосел
входные двери новосел
входные двери новосел