Sliding fire gates

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System description

Automatic Sliding fire gates models FireTechnics-P, with the following fire resistance limits:

  • EI60 certificate of conformity no. C-RU. PB25. B. 03428
  • EI90 certificate of conformity no. C-RU. PB25. B. 03432
  • EI120 certificate of conformity no. RU C-RU. AYU64. B. 00256/19

Designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke, providing the ability to safely evacuate people, save property and conduct fire fighting.
As a rule, they are used to cover openings in underground Parking lots of shopping centers and residential complexes, Parking lots, shopping centers, warehouses, industrial workshops, etc.

System description

Automatic Sliding fire gates models FireTechnics-P, with the following fire resistance limits:

  • EI60 certificate of conformity no. C-RU. PB25. B. 03428
  • EI90 certificate of conformity no. C-RU. PB25. B. 03432
  • EI120 certificate of conformity no. RU C-RU. AYU64. B. 00256/19

Designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke, providing the ability to safely evacuate people, save property and conduct fire fighting.
As a rule, they are used to cover openings in underground Parking lots of shopping centers and residential complexes, Parking lots, shopping centers, warehouses, industrial workshops, etc.

Group of companies FireTechnics is an explosion diagram for Fire automatic sliding gates model FireTechnics-P

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Press and hold the mouse to rotate the picture. Move your mouse or hit “Play” below the picture rotated itself. Click now to close the hint scheme.

Technical characteristics of the sliding fire gates model FireTechnics-P

How it works

The position of the gate is normally open, the gate is held by an electromagnetic lock, when the “fire” signal is received, the gate automatically begins to block the opening. In case of a false alarm or scheduled check of the building’s fire protection system, the gate returns to its original position in manual mode or with the help of an electric drive.

Main features

  • European quality certified by the EU and EMERCOM of Russia
  • The door leaf is made of galvanized sheet steel with an internal filling made of mineral wool with a density of 170 kg / m3 by Paroc ® (Finland)
    ✓ When the fire resistance limit is EI60, EI90 = 60 mm.
    ✓ When the fire resistance limit is EI120 =100 mm.
  • The Low weight of the gate leaf EI60, EI90 = 20 kg / m2, EI120 = 30 kg/ m2 of the gate increases the ease of installation and reduces the requirements for the load-bearing capacity of the walls.
  • The Frameless design of the leaf prevents the gate from deforming under the influence of high temperatures and guarantees the highest protection against the spread of flames.
  • Minimum size of the lintel for installation: 250 mm.
  • Is possible to install emergency door-the gate (with threshold or without) with reliable heat-resistant lock and latch of high quality; the handles are of type “panic” and fire hatch the size of 200×200 mm.
  • Color version: any on the RAL scale (standard colors: RAL 7035; RAL 9010).
  • It is possible to install a decorative overlay covering the working rail (not available in the standard version)
  • It is possible to paint the gate opening pocket in any color (galvanized as standard)
  • It can be equipped with an electric motor for easy opening of the gate after the fire alarm is triggered during inspections and maintenance
  • The control Unit is equipped with a battery, which makes it possible to keep the gate in working condition even after a power outage.


Gate Type Width, max. Height, max.
Single-leaf 8 meters 5 meters
Double-Leaf 10 meters 5 meters
Tricuspid 10 meters 5 meters
Sliding 6 meters 5 meters
For accurate sizes please contact the managers of the company FireTechnics, depending on Your needs we can manufacture of sliding fire gates with individual sizes.

Important! Fire automatic sliding gates model FireTechnics-P delivered to an object is almost assembled, which greatly facilitates the installation of automatic sliding gates, increases the speed and correctness of execution of mounting and commissioning works.

Drawings and options of installation of fire rated automatic sliding gates model FireTechnics-P

If You need to get the blueprints, wiring diagrams and installation instructions, please click the link


Certificates of sliding fire gates model FireTechnics-P

Сертификат Откатные Противопожарные ворота FireTechnics-Р EI 120

Video about sliding fire gate model FireTechnics-P

Photo sliding fire gates model FireTechnics-P

Photo sliding fire gates model FireTechnics-P

About the sliding fire gates

Rolling fire gates, the price of which can vary over a wide range, is one of the most widespread types of fire protection structures designed to isolate a room in case of fire in it, so that fire and harmful combustion products do not spread to the rest of the building. In addition, these products prevent access to the territory of unauthorized persons and take part in the design of buildings for various purposes and the surrounding area.

The indisputable advantage of the sliding fire-prevention gates in Voronezh, St. Petersburg Orenburg, etc. becomes their ability to save valuable space during installation. At the opening, the gate leaf moves along the building walls, freeing the passage or passage.

Откатные противопожарные ворота
Откатные противопожарные ворота

Depending on the type of its construction, such gates can be of two types:

  • Single-leaf – open along the openings in the required direction and are mainly used in production;
  • Two-leafed – have two panels that move along the opening in different directions. They are additionally equipped with seals, preventing smoke-penetrating penetration beyond the enclosed room.

Functions carried out by automatic rolling back fireproof gates

This type of fire protection structures has a fairly wide functionality:

  • Becomes an excellent option to protect the enclosure from penetrating into it by strangers;
  • Thanks to the system of gaskets it reliably keeps the heat in the building, not letting it leak out;
  • In case of fire sliding fire-fighting gates, instructions for use of which are uncomplicated, reliably block the way to fire and house distribution;
  • If it is necessary to carry out the evacuation, they provide a wide opening, allowing people to quickly leave the flame-swept area;
  • When the fire will arrive at the place of fire, the gate will be able to provide convenient access to the place of fire.

Откатные противопожарные ворота

Why is it worthwhile to secure the building entrusted to you by means of a barrier – recoiling fire-prevention gates?

Having all the advantages of other fire barriers, portal structures with fire protection have their own characteristics and advantageous differences:

  • Despite the fact that fire curtains are the best solution if necessary to protect large area structures, they have a significant disadvantage – they are not suitable for use in case if in addition to fire protection is also important anti-burglary function. Rejected fireproof gates, buy which can be in the company “FireTechnics”, are fully capable of providing it. However, in order to be considered burglar resistant, these products must have a corresponding certificate of compliance, which is outstanding after passing certain tests.
  • Compared with the swinging structures, the sliding fire-fighting gates Moscow open parallel to the wall, which does not impose any visible restrictions on the presence of transport and people in front of them, as is the case with the swinging structure. In addition, roll-out fences can have an increased size – reaching fifteen meters in width and six in height, whereas hinged fences can only be manufactured in much smaller dimensions.
  • Compared with the lift sectional door constructions, which are under the ceiling and require enough free space there, installation of sliding fire gates implies only the use of a small space on both sides of the opening. In rooms with low ceilings, they become the only possible solution.
Откатные противопожарные ворота, купить
Откатные противопожарные ворота, купить

Scope and design features

Rolling fire gates, cost Which depends on their technical characteristics and the manufacturer, have found wide application in equipping fire protection systems of multi-storey residential buildings, industrial facilities, various garages, underground parking lots, warehouses, factories. They are installed wherever a fire can lead to the emergence of a large-scale fire, which threatens huge material damage and loss of life. The production of sliding fireproof gates is regulated in our country mainly by the norms of SNiP 21-01-97.

Fail-safe fire gates in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Yaroslavl, etc. Can be made as a blind, or supplemented with a gate wedge, or a small glass window that can easily withstand elevated temperatures. As for the finish, here the colors of the heat-insulating paint can be used very different – they are taken from the RAL table.

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The GOST of recoiling fire-fighting gates provides for a fairly simple – the canvas with the rollers attached to it moves along the wall along the guide rails. If you dwell on the construction in more detail, then the structure of such sliding structures is as follows:

    1. Cloth – it can be a section panel formed from lamellas filled and interconnected by materials from the group of non-combustibility NG.

The thickness of this leaf, as evidenced by recoiling fire gates ei 90 instruction , depends on its fire-resistant parameters and fluctuates around seven to ten centimeters. Its weight is on average from forty to sixty kilograms per square meter.

Depending on the technical characteristics of the sliding fire-prevention gates, it is not difficult to buy in Voronezh, the canvas is:

      • Single-floor – includes one sliding section;
      • Double-field – includes a pair of sections moving in opposite directions;
      • Telescopic – can have two large sections, shifted in one direction and put one by one.

Such a variety affects not only the rolling fire safety gates estimates, but also the specifics of their production process. It goes individually on the basis of the needs and wishes of each individual client.

  1. Wicket – according to, acting on recoiling fire-fighting gates norms it is offered as an additional equipment and is not included in the standard equipment. In the role of the gate is an iron door with fire-resistant qualities, used for human evacuation in case of fire in the room. An important point – the degree of fire resistance in such a gate must be appropriate, or exceed the fire-resistant parameters of the gate. And it should also be equipped with a door closer.
  2. Seals – usually around the perimeter of the canvas sliding fire extinguishing gates, photos which you can see on the site, is supplied with a sealant in two layers. One of them – rubber – is designed to protect the room from penetration into it of dust, draft, cooled smoke. Another – thermosetting – it serves to protect against the penetration of hot air, gases and smoke, which are formed when a fire occurs.
  3. Roll-off mechanisms are almost the most important element of the gate structure, as they provide opening and closing of doors. Despite the apparent simplicity – with installation of sliding fire-prevention gates the movement of the canvas takes place along the guide rails, this simple mechanism has its own characteristics. Depending on the needs of the customer, manufacturing companies use two technologies of collar expansion:
    • Manual – this method is cheap because it does not provide for special equipment. The only thing in operation it is not so convenient – manually to move the leaf, whose mass can reach one ton and higher, the occupation is very laborious;
    • Carried out by means of an electric drive – is more expensive, although in operation it is more convenient and profitable.

Откатные противопожарные ворота

Parameters of fire resistance of sliding fireproof gates

The degree of fire resistance of sliding gate structures is given in the plate number 24 of the Technical Regulations of Federal Law No. 123. According to the requirements for recoiling fireproof gates , their fire resistance can be EI 15, EI 30, EI 60, EI 90, EI 120. The letter designation is an index indicating the duration of the isolation period of the source of ignition and combustion products – flame, smoke, carbon monoxide, etc. The figure that stands next means the time period in minutes, during which the gates are able to delay the spread of the fire, without reducing their insulating qualities. The most popular at the moment are the recoiling fire-fighting gates EI 60 , as the 60-minute time period is quite sufficient to evacuate people and arrive at the site of firefighting in order to carry out measures to eliminate the source of fire.

Параметры огнестойкости откатных противопожарных ворот
Параметры огнестойкости откатных противопожарных ворот

FireTechnics-P fire retardant gate EI 60

The automated fire protection barriers of the company producing high-performance fire-protection systems, type P with flame retardant limit of 60 and 90 minutes, are successfully used for closing of different-sized openings in parking lots, warehouses, in shopping centers, industrial facilities, etc. Certificates for sliding fire-fighting Gates confirm that they passed practical tests, proving in practice the manufacturer’s claimed characteristics.

With regard to the principle of operation, when installing sliding fire gates EI 90 , the opening remains open, and the fabric of the structure is held by an electromagnetic lock, if necessary disconnected by the fire alarm system. It should work, and the gate mechanism with the help of a counterweight system or an optional electric drive drives the canvas and closes the opening.

Among the basic characteristics of the fire-retractable firetechnics-p can be identified:

  • The possibility of issuing them in single-leaf (in this case the maximum width is eight and the height is five meters), bivalve (maximum width is ten and height is five meters), tricuspid (maximum height is ten and height is five meters), sliding (at maximum Width six meters height is five) performance;
  • The standard thickness of the leaflet fireproof gate, video about the installation of which is on the site, is six centimeters, and the internal filler is made of high-density mineral wool produced by the company “Paroc”;
  • In the high fire-resistant qualities, the canvas weighs very little (1 square meter of the order of 20 kg.), Which increases the comfort of installation and lowers the requirements for bearing wall abilities;
  • The frameless design reduces the possibility of deforming the fire retardant EI 90 gate, the price of which is quite affordable, which could occur due to the action of increased temperatures on them, and also provides increased protection against fire spreading;
  • The height can be adjusted during installation;
  • Optionally sliding fireproof gates from the manufacturer can be supplemented by an evacuation wicket, supplemented with a highly reliable heat-resistant lock with a door closer and “antipanic” handles;
  • The color shade of the gate is chosen by the customer – it can be any of the RAL table;
  • Optionally, a decorative cover can be installed, which disguises the working rail;
  • Offered to consumers Fire extinguishing gates firetechnics-p EI 90 have a European quality, which is confirmed by international certificates, as well as official documents from the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia.

Откатные противопожарные ворота

The practicality and simplicity of the closure, as well as the well-thought-out management of the rolling fireproof gates from “FireTechnics” allows you to respond quickly to the occurrence of a fire hazard situation and for seconds to cut the flame for further distribution through the building.

Since the company’s specialists take on not only the development of the project and production of sliding fire-fighting gates , but also their installation, as well as after-sales service (if necessary repair of sliding fire-fighting gates ), you will be able to Do not doubt the reliability of protection against the fire of its industrial, residential or commercial facility, as well as the human and material resources located on its territory!

управление откатными противопожарными воротами