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Roll fire gates

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German quality from the Russian manufacturer

Automatic fireproof roll (curling) gate type Firerollgate-EI60 (without water irrigation) (fire resistance limit 60 minutes) from the manufacturer.

Автоматические противопожарные рулонные (скручивающиеся) ворота

Rolling fire gate

Description of the system

Automatic fire gates type Firerollgate EI60 serve as an obstacle to the penetration of flames and smoke from one part of the building to another and between buildings.

Used in parking lots, shopping centers, warehouses, industrial shops, etc.

Why the fire gate is from FireTechnics?

♦ Certificates confirming the consistently high quality of products
♦ ISO Certificate
♦ Certificate of admission to work (SRO)
♦ License for the implementation of installation and maintenance activities (MES)
♦ Own production and a warehouse with a constant stock of components
♦ Precision equipment
♦ Highly qualified staff
♦ Up to 5 years warranty
An experience
♦ We have been working since 2002

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Rolling fire gate

 Рулонные противопожарные ворота


Description of the system

Automatic fire-fighting roll-up gates type Firerollgate EI60 serve as an obstacle to the penetration of flames and smoke from one part of the building to another and between buildings.

Used in parking lots, shopping centers, warehouses, industrial shops, etc.

Mounting of automatic fire-proof rolling shutters – FireTechnics

Fire resistance limit: EI60.


ProductionWidth, max.Height, max.
Gates with mineral wool6 m.5 m.
Gates with intumescent mineral aggregate7 m.6 m.

Required space at the top of the gate opening:

  • With filler made of mineral wool: minimum 800 mm;
  • With a filler of intumescent mineral aggregate: a minimum of 600 mm.

Required space on the mounting side of the electric drive: minimum 500 mm.

Required space from the adjacent side of the electric drive: a minimum of 250 mm.

Principle of operation

The web is lowered only by means of an electric motor. The final positions of the cloth are fixed by the end electromagnetic switches. The motor is controlled via the control unit. In the event of a power failure, emergency power is possible.

For larger gate sizes, a 380 V drive is used.


Option with filler from mineral aggregate

It is made of sliding sections of 0.5 mm thick sheet steel with mineral wool filler density of 170-180 kg / m. Of Paroc®

Weight of the blade: 25 kg / m.

Thickness: 45 mm

Height of one section: 75 mm

Color execution: any color according to RAL color scale or galvanized steel.

Variant with filler of intumescent mineral aggregate

It is made of sliding sections of 0.7 mm thick sheet steel with a filler made of a thermoexpanding element enclosed between two layers of flame retardant fabric.

Weight of the blade: 16 kg / m.

Thickness: 15 mm

Height of one section: 80 mm

Color execution: any color according to RAL color scale or galvanized steel.

Side guides

Made of a U-shaped profile of steel 2 mm thick with a size of 115.60 mm. Color execution: any color according to RAL color scale or galvanized steel.

Mounting options

Overhead installation

Rolling fire gate with mineral wool filler

Рулонные противопожарные ворота с наполнителем из минеральной ваты
Рулонные противопожарные ворота с наполнителем из минеральной ваты
Рулонные противопожарные ворота с наполнителем из минеральной ваты

Fire gate with DISCOUNT only now!


With filler of intumescent mineral aggregate

 Рулонные противопожарные ворота с наполнителем из вспучиваемого минерального заполнителя
Рулонные противопожарные ворота с наполнителем из вспучиваемого минерального заполнителя

With filler made of mineral aggregate

 Рулонные противопожарные ворота с наполнителем из минерального заполнителя

About rolling fire gates

Особенности устройства и изготовления рулонных противопожарных ворот

Most residential high-rise buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants and factory shops have rooms that go out onto the street, or corridors that go through the entire building and do not require permanent locking. They can be used as passages or driveways, public access warehouses, etc. But in case of fire, they should be able to close in order to prevent fire and smoke spread. In this case, the installation of sliding and swinging barriers is impossible, or undesirable for a number of reasons. However, there is a way out in this situation – this Rolling fireproof gates, Capable of resisting both open fire and combustion products from 15 to 180 minutes, depending on the limit of fire resistance of the structure.

рулонные противопожарные ворота

Features of the device and the manufacture of rolling fireproof gates

The main advantage and feature of such a locking design is its compactness. In its collapsed state, rolling fire-fighting gates in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Yaroslavl, etc., are a kind of cylinder that is wound on a shaft lifted to the ceiling. To ensure the ease of raising and lowering the “canvas” shaft is equipped with special bearings that help close the opening.

The sheet itself includes individual lamellas with a reliable connection. Its outer side is made of fire-resistant polymer and can have horizontal pockets with inserted wood straps covered with special compound, giving them fire resistance. Between the external coating and wood, a flexible layer of innovative material is installed, capable of remaining cold even with prolonged contact with fire.

Since the thickness of the rolled fireproof gate leaf, to buy which can be in a wide range, reaches four centimeters, and the weight of the running meter is forty kilograms, the gate structure needs a fairly solid frame and a powerful lift, usually made of metal profiles. On the perimeter of the construction of the opening is a petal seal designed to exclude the possibility of smoke and gas seepage through the closed rolled fireproof gates, photo which we have on the site.

The threshold, as well as the upper part of the structure, is provided with a profile made of metal, forming a smoke-proof labyrinth, which reliably seals the opening. Typically, roll fireproof gates in Moscow has another interesting quality – in the process of heating, their inner filler expands in all directions, thereby reliably sealing the passage.

The gate structure is activated by means of a chain electric drive. When the electrical supply is disconnected, the structure remains operable – the lowering of the gate is possible with the use of a backup battery.

So, let’s list the main elements of the metal rolling gate with fire resistance:

  • Linen – the basic part of the construction, locking the opening. Typically, the basis is the steel or aluminum lamella, inside filled with fireproof material-heat insulator;
  • Shaft – placed in the bearing racks in order to minimize the effort to move the turn and increase the period of their operation. It is activated by a three-phase electric motor or a reducer;
  • Specialized compartment – with installation of rolling fire-fighting gates is designed to be placed inside the folding fabric;
  • Guide rails – this is the “frame” of the gate structure, along which the locking web moves;
  • Drive – usually control of the roll fire gate is carried out in automatic mode, although it can also be done manually. Drives can have different power, dimensions and principle of operation, depending on the size and weight of the rolling shutters;
  • control system;
  • Wicket – is installed as an option, since it is advisable to use it only in buildings where there are no other evacuation routes and it becomes the main way of “retreat”. Or, if necessary, combine the functions of fire protection and passage point.
автоматические рулонные противопожарные ворота
автоматические рулонные противопожарные ворота

Automated working mode of obstructions – Rolling fireproof gates is realized as follows: when a signal is received to the gate drive from the sensor, or from the fire protection system of the building, a return signal of the light and sound signal is made and the opening begins to close. To control the position of the flaps, limit switches having a push action are called.

Advantages of installation of rolling fireproof gates

Such locking systems are ideally suited for installation in crowded places, industrial and commercial sites with an increased risk of fire, and hazardous industries. The merits of such models of fire-resistant structures include:

  1. Increased degree of fire resistance. Based on the structural features, sufficient fire safety of the building can be provided with the help of a gate with fire resistance from 60 to 180 minutes. During this time Canvas rolling shutters in Voronezh, Orenburg, St. Petersburg will not lose its fire-retardant qualities, it will not worsen the design and will not miss the volatile products of combustion;
  2. Production of rolling fire-fighting gates according to the norms of domestic GOSTs and taking into account international fire safety requirements;
  3. Autonomy, which makes it possible to integrate practically into any fire extinguishing system. The ability to be equipped with autonomous nutritional sources allows them to function even in emergency situations;
  4. Compact dimensions – automatic rolling fire gates do not take up much space inside or outside the room, as their canvas moves vertically. No other firefighting system boasts of the same rational organization of space;
  5. Practicality in use and seasonality. Such structures do not experience problems with wedging of the wings and freezing, even if used outdoors;
  6. Simplicity of installation, which reduces the price of cost of rolling fire-fighting gates . They can be mounted both inside and outside the openings;
  7. Increased opening-closing speed with minimal effort. If the design is set to automatic, the problem of delay with the opening disappears completely. One down cycle can be of the order of ten seconds;
  8. Availability of the price – roll-up fire-fighting gates estimate is quite low compared to the price of other options, so that they can be installed not only by large entrepreneurs, but also owners of small garages and outlets;
  9. Excellent tightness – non-flammable filling of the slats and design of the gate structure with refractory materials, as well as an addition in the form of a seal along the entire perimeter, will not allow combustion products to leak into other rooms;
  10. GOST of rolling fire-fighting gates allows a wide variety of models and their external design – at the request of consumers, the gate can be deaf or be made with a supplemented wicket, fireproof windows, smoke barriers, etc .;
  11. Security – due to the installation of refractory fittings with production of rolling fire-fighting gates , and the ease of management of such gates, they are safe to use, which is confirmed by certificates of compliance.

What should I look for when choosing a roller fire gate from the manufacturer?

Selecting for your object rolling fireproof gates, buy in Voronezh which can be of various sizes, pay attention to such moments as:

  • Their inherent level of fire resistance. Similar firewall requirements for different objects set the regulatory documents. They can be specified in the local bodies of the Ministry of Emergency Situations;
  • Optimal configuration – in advance, think about how much you need an additional gate and window inserts;
  • Installation features – based on the features of the opening, where rolled fire gates, the price which can be different, it can be a bill of lading, or embedded. The optimal installation method will be advised by a specialist of the company implementing the gate;
  • The presence of an autonomous power battery – its availability makes the cost of the fire-fighting project somewhat more expensive, but it becomes a guarantee of the system’s operability in the event of emergencies and the disconnection of power supply.
Рулонные противопожарные ворота firerollgate от компании
Рулонные противопожарные ворота firerollgate от компании

Help in selecting the optimal design and components you will have experts from Fire Technics in the process of concluding a contract, or a specialist visit to remove the dimensions of the opening.

Rolling fire gates firerollgate from «FireTechnics» company

Our company produces an extensive complex of fire fighting equipment and fire protection systems, being one of the leading in the domestic market. Our rolling fire gates ei 120 are installed throughout Russia, are renowned for their high quality and excellent thermal resistance, as evidenced by numerous official documents on the practical tests carried out.

In particular, the certificate for roll-up fire-fighting gates confirms their high fire resistance, equal to 120 minutes, and the ability for this time to act as a barrier to the fiery and smoke spread from the “cut off” Premises with a fire center throughout the building.

Parameters of the rolling fire gate firerollgate ei 120

Having a maximum height of up to six meters and a width of up to seven, they can be filled with a mineral wool or an intumescent mineral aggregate. The amount of space that is required for mounting in the upper part of the opening depends on the filling. So, the instruction of rolling fire-fighting gates ei 120 with mineral wool implies a thickness of 80 centimeters, and with expanded mineral filler – at least 60.

The principle of operation of this type of gate structure from “FireTechnics” is quite standard. The web is lowered under the influence of the electric motor, and its final positions are fixed by the end electromagnetic switches. The motor is controlled using a control unit. If the electrical supply is switched off, the emergency power comes into effect.

Features of the design of the rolling fire gate ei120

  • Cloth – (with internal filling of mineral wool) is made from movable sections on the basis of a half-millimeter thick sheet steel, filled with wool from the company “Paroc” with a density of about 180 kg / meter. Weigh such a cloth 25 kg running meter, and its thickness is 4.5 cm. The colors of the exterior finish can be any of the RAL table.
  • If we are talking about the use of a filler made of a bulging material, a special thermally expanding composition is the basis for a movable steel web of 0.7 mm thick material. Such rolled fire gates , videos with which we have on the site, are easier – their canvas weighs only 16 kg / meter, and the thickness is 1.5 cm.
  • Lateral guides – are executed from steel P-shaped profile in the thickness of 2 mm and the size hardly more than 10 centimeters.
Особенности конструкции рулонных противопожарных ворот ei120
Особенности конструкции рулонных противопожарных ворот ei120

Type of installation Rolling fire extinguishing gate ei 120, price Which is relatively low, depends on the features of the openings and needs of the customer.

When ordering fireproof portal designs of a roll-on shooting gallery in the company “FireTehnics”, you have the right to count on:

  • Individual approach, regardless of the “bulk” of your order;
  • Use in their production of technological materials and production methods that allow to obtain a high-quality “product” and for decades not to resort to repair of rolling fire-prevention gates;
  • The shortest period from the moment of acceptance of the order and the beginning of designing of the gate structure to its readiness and installation on the site – no more than a month;
  • The possibility of ordering a fire barrier of variable size at an optimal cost;
  • Performance of professional installation and provision of warranty service;
  • Conformity of the quality of the obstacle to domestic standards and international ISO standards;
  • Presentable appearance Firerollgate ei120 fire protection gate, Which can perfectly fit into the interior or exterior of the building, thanks to the possibility of staining in any shade of the RAL table.

With our fireproof gates, you can not doubt the high level of fire safety in your building in the event of an unexpected fire. Their thoughtful design and high-quality performance will provide you with convenience and comfort of operation, reliability of service for many years and perfect operation with any type of drive!

рулонные противопожарные ворота
рулонные противопожарные ворота

Video about fire gate FireTechnics