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FireTechnics automatic fire curtains (Fireshield) – H “Horizontal” are designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke from one part of the building to another.


FireTechnics automatic fire curtains (Fireshield) – H “Horizontal” are designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke from one part of the building to another.


FireTechnics automatic fire curtains (Fireshield) – H “Horizontal” are designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke from one part of the building to another.

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Fire curtains “Horizontal”

Mounted on ceiling openings and openings in the floor.

Moving the canvas is horizontal.

When the fire alarm is triggered, the engine installed in the small box moves the cutting bus with the canvas along the guides to the trap using a cable system, thereby blocking the opening. The return of the curtains to the open position is done by winding the web on a shaft installed in a large box using a second electric motor.

The speed of overlapping aperture averages 0.15 m / s.

In case of power outages, the system is back-up from the battery.

Limits of fire resistance

  • EI60 (without irrigation with water)
  • EI120 (with unilateral use of water irrigation from existing sprinkler or deluge fire extinguishing systems of the building, water flow is not less than 0.08 l / m2 per second).


Max. Dimensions of the opening 3×3 m.
The box is large (in section) 200×220 mm.
Small box (in section) 150×150 mm.
For accurate sizes please contact the managers of the company FireTechnics, depending on Your needs we can produce horizontal fire curtains custom.


At the limit of fire resistance EI120 (with water irrigation):

Material: Firetex 1100 (manufactured in Germany)

Weight of fabric: 660 g / m.

Thickness of material: 0,63 mm

The cloth is single-layered. The fabric is certified as non-flammable and non-toxic.

To obtain high durability when exposed to high temperatures, a thin stainless wire is woven into each fiberglass yarn.

At the limit of fire resistance EI60 (without water irrigation):

Name: Firetex 60 (manufacturer Germany)

Weight of fabric: 2500 g / m²

Thickness: 3 mm.

To obtain high durability when exposed to high temperatures, a thin stainless wire is woven into each fiberglass yarn.

The inner layer of the fabric consists of thermoactive composite materials, which at 160-180 degrees Celsius expand to 50 mm and provide reliable protection against heat flow. Fabric canvas is certified as non-flammable and non-toxic.


The constructive scheme implies the installation of two boxes (large and small) for one curtain. Each box consists of three bent galvanized sheet steel 1.5 mm panels up to 3 m long, which are joined with each other in the manufacture of long curtains. Both ends of the body are closed with covers to ensure the necessary sealing. The side covers also serve to perceive the torque of the internal engine. The dimensions of the boxes depend on the size of the overlapping opening.

Color execution: any color according to RAL color scale or galvanized steel.


Made of sheet steel 2 mm thick (casing – 1.5 mm).

Dimensions in cross-section: 80х60 mm.

Color execution: any color according to RAL color scale or galvanized steel.

Mounting the box and guides

The standard installation scheme is in the aperture, but an individual variant is possible, while the degree of fire resistance of the structure to be erected must be not less than the degree of fire resistance of the curtain itself.

Important! Fireproof curtain type FireTechnics (Fireshield) — H “Horizontal” are delivered to the object is almost assembled, which greatly facilitates the installation of fire curtains, increases the speed and correctness of execution of mounting and commissioning works.

Drawings and options of installation of fire curtains, Horizontal

If You need to get the blueprints, wiring diagrams and installation instructions, please click the link:

Fire curtains «Horizontal»
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About horizontal fire curtains

Buy fireproof horizontal curtains with high protective properties of flame and smoke can be with a different fire resistance level. Its value is reflected in the marking in the form of letter and numerical designations of the limiting states:

“E” – shows the period through which the barrier loses integrity (measured in minutes);

“I” – indicates the period after which the curtain loses the thermal insulation capacity (measured in minutes).

Based on the needs and desire of the customer, the designs of such curtains with fireproof qualities can be supplied in 2 variations:

  • EI60 without water irrigation (fire-holding period 1 hour);
  • EI120 – implies the use of water irrigation on the one hand, using the resources of deluge, or sprinkler systems to extinguish the fire in the building itself. In this case, the water flow is of the order of 0.08 liters of water per square meter per second (restrains the spill of fire for 120 minutes).

Купить противопожарные горизонтальные шторы

горизонтальные противопожарные шторы

Features and benefits of fire protection structures

Fire-resistant horizontal Orenburg curtains of FireShield type, as well as those installed in any other cities, are intended for horizontal placement in industrial buildings, shopping centers, atriums, etc. and designed in such a way as to prevent fire and smoke from entering the room, Ignition, in others.
Their installation is made in the ceiling openings, or floors, allowing the overlapping of holes up to 4×4 meters. Moving the web when opening the closing of the curtain is made horizontally.

Management of fire-resistant horizontal curtains is usually performed remotely. When the fire alarm is triggered, the engine in the small box design starts to move the cut-off busbar located below. Moving along the guides by means of the cable system, as a result, it closes the opening. Moreover, with an optimum speed of about 0.15 m / s.

The return of horizontal fire curtains fireshield to the open position is carried out by winding their fire resistant fabric on the shaft located in the large box by means of the 2nd engine. At the same time, there is no need to be afraid of electrical outages, because when production of fireproof horizontal curtains in their design, a battery pack is built which provides backup system power for three days.

горизонтальные противопожарные шторы
горизонтальные противопожарные шторы

The composition of the fire barrier includes:

1. Canvas. If we consider the curtain EI120 with irrigation, the design of its fabric is one-layer and is a fabric of fairtex 1100 german production, weighing 660 g / m2 and having a thickness of about 0.63 mm. This is fiberglass, whose ecological safety and incombustibility are confirmed by an international certificate. In order to give it unconditional resistance to high temperatures, stainless steel wire is interwoven into its glass fiber filaments. If large openings need to be closed, the fabric can be sewn using a silica-yarn reinforced with the same steel wire.

Due to the tight thread plexus and applying a variety of composite coatings, the fabric does not start to melt even at +1700 degrees, guaranteeing increased gas and smoke tightness.

If we are talking about horizontal fireproof curtains from the manufacturer EI60 without water irrigation, then their parameters are slightly different from the above. The fabrics fairtex 60 going to their production are heavier – it weighs about 2 kilograms square meter, and its thickness is 3mm. As in the first case, an increase in resistance to high temperatures is ensured by interlacing the finest stainless wire into each of the glass fiber strands. The canvas is filled with thermoactive minerals, capable of reaching t +180 degrees Celsius to expand to half a centimeter, ensuring the reliability of protection against heat flow and smoke penetration.

2. The box. Installing a horizontal fire curtain involves mounting a pair of boxes at once for one fire barrier. Thus, the dimensions of the larger are 22X22 cm, and the small ones are 15X15. In the design of any box are present in 3 bent, steel panels, whose thickness is one and a half millimeters, and the length is up to 3 meters, easily joining if necessary to obtain long barriers. To increase the hermetic sealing of the housing, the ends of the fire-resistant horizontal curtains in Moscow are closed with lids. These covers also perform the function of perceiving the torque from the motor inside the shaft. The exact dimensions of the boxes are determined by the dimensions of the floor or ceiling opening that need to be closed.

As for the external color design, it can be any – both made “for galvanized steel”, and painted in any color from the table RAL.

3. Guides. Fireproof horizontal curtains, the price for which varies depending on the characteristics, move along the sheet made of 2 mm steel rail. Dimensions of them in the cross section are 80X60 mm., And the color solution can be varied – all possible shades of the RAL scale, or galvanized steel.

горизонтальные противопожарные шторы от производителя EI60

горизонтальные противопожарные шторы

Installation of fireproof horizontal curtains

A standardized installation scheme implies installation in an aperture, but an individualized option is possible, based on the customer’s wishes. An important requirement here is that the fire resistance of the structure chosen for the installation is consistent with the degree of fire resistance of the curtains.

Why buy horizontal blinds from FireTechnics

The main activities of our company are design, manufacture and installation of curtains and other barriers protecting from fire and smoke. Being present on the market, starting from 2002, the main task we consider the creation of truly safe evacuation routes in various objects in case of fire with the protection of their openings by fire barriers of different design and degree of fire resistance. For 15 years of its impeccable work, our professionals with great experience have put fireproof horizontal curtains in St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia on a huge number of objects of very different purposes and complexity, which in practice have proved effective.

горизонтальные противопожарные шторы
горизонтальные противопожарные шторы

Why choose fire resistant curtains for installation in horizontal openings from FireTechnics?

  • At the heart of our company’s work are time-tested German technologies, customers are guaranteed a European level of service and an acceptable cost of fireproof horizontal curtains;
  • Having our own production capacities, we can realize huge volumes of production in clearly stipulated terms, considering even the most unconventional wishes of customers;
  • All our products are multistage quality control, and, in addition, fireproof horizontal curtains have a certificate of conformity international standard;
  • We give a five-year guarantee for the obstacles we install, and also provide their service, which guarantees decades of reliable operation;
  • Knowing that the competent installation of fire fighting equipment is a guarantee of its durable and impeccable operation, we not only supply fireproof horizontal blinds with the instruction , but also mount the equipment by our own professional teams that regularly attend training and raise their professional level.
горизонтальные противопожарные шторы
горизонтальные противопожарные шторы

The price for automatic fireproof horizontal blinds from the company “FireTechnics” is much lower than that of most competitors, and their quality – absolutely. By purchasing our curtains for your facilities, you get a security guarantee for your business and the people involved in it in case of fire!

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горизонтальные противопожарные шторы

Based on the continued successful experience in the market of fire protection systems, scrupulous calculations and 3D modeling, FireTechnics engineers have developed, successfully tested and introduced into the mass production horizontal fire curtains . A well thought-out design guarantees dynamic durability even under the influence of very high temperatures.