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Fire curtains for Windows

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FireTechnics automatic fire curtains (Fireshield) for windows serve to prevent fire transfer between floors of the building or between buildings. It is usually installed on window openings in order to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and to protect people and property from fire.


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Fire curtains for windows

 Противопожарные шторы для Окон


Width, max. 8 m.
Height, max. 6 m.
Чертеж противопожарных штор для окон


At the limit of fire resistance EI120 (with water irrigation):

Material: Firetex 1100 (manufactured in Germany)

Weight of fabric: 660 g / m.

Thickness of material: 0,63 mm

The cloth is single-layered. The fabric is certified as non-flammable and non-toxic.

To obtain high durability when exposed to high temperatures, a thin stainless wire is woven into each fiberglass yarn.

At the limit of fire resistance EI60 (without water irrigation):

Name: Firetex 60 (manufacturer Germany)

Weight of fabric: 2500 g / m²

Thickness: 3 mm.

To obtain high durability when exposed to high temperatures, a thin stainless wire is woven into each fiberglass yarn.

The inner layer of the fabric consists of thermoactive composite materials, which at 160-180 degrees Celsius expand to 50 mm and provide reliable protection against heat flow. Fabric canvas is certified as non-flammable and non-toxic.


It is made of galvanized sheet steel of 1.5 mm. At both ends, the housing is closed with lids to make the circuit leaktight, and also to perceive the torque of the internal engine.

Color execution: any color according to RAL color scale or galvanized steel.


Designed for directing the blade when unwinding from the shaft,

Are made of sheet steel 2 mm thick (casing – 1.5 mm).

Color execution: any color according to RAL color scale or galvanized steel.

Mounting the box and guides

Монтаж короба и направляющих противопожарных штор для окон


Unprecedented action from the group of companies FireTechnics – powder coating colors RAL 9002, 3020 and 7043 with 10% discount.

 Противопожарные шторы для Окон в Сочи

Fireproof curtains with a DISCOUNT only now!

 Противопожарные автоматические шторы для Окон в Сочи

About FireTechnics fireproof curtains for windows

противопожарные шторы для окон

Fire Technics Fire Shields for Fire Shield windows are designed to prevent the possibility of transferring flames between floors or buildings. Usually, they are mounted on window apertures of different size and purpose, in order to prevent the spread of combustion products and, thus, to protect property and people from the outbreak of fire. Such products become irreplaceable means of fire safety in any industrial enterprises, in office, warehouse, trade and other buildings where there is an increased risk of fire and damage to property and people.

Structurally, fire curtains for windows of St. Petersburg are made on the principle of roller blinds. The set usually includes an installation box, supplemented by a shaft with an electric drive, which is able to connect to the centralized fire safety and alarm system through the management unit, in particular, the canvas, guides, remote control, buttons – a key and a switch.

The possibility of making a window in different types of sizes and the variability of its installation make it possible to block windows up to six meters wide. Moreover, the complicated form and the inaccessibility of placement is not an obstacle to installation, if professionals do it.

автоматические противопожарные шторы для окон

In the event of an outbreak, the fire alarm system sends a signal to the fire station post, as well as to the automatic fire brigade for windows management unit, which automatically drops at a rate of approximately 12 cm per second. As a result, they localize a foci of smoke or fire.

Among the features of window fireproof curtains can be identified:

  • Width up to 8 meters at a maximum height of six and a sufficiently small depth of descent;
  • A small cost of fire-prevention curtains for windows when purchasing a product with a manual “platoon”, although much more convenience promises use of cocking with the help of a motor;
  • Such a curtain can be used in tandem with the usual opening windows;
  • It can boast a thermomechanical operation, or it can be lowered by applying the control unit and smoke detectors;
  • The activation of the fire detector causes the curtains to lower, by means of the Gravigen drive, without the use of electrical energy, solely due to the force of gravity to the ground acting on the lower bar;
  • In the event of power failure, fire curtains for Orenburg windows will remain operational for three days, which is facilitated by the presence of a built-in battery;
  • Depending on the size of the canvas, the dimensions of the box vary. So when the height of the opening is less than 4 meters, they are 20X22 cm in section, if its height exceeds 4 meters, then 30X33 cm.
противопожарные шторы для окон

Требования к конструкции и огнестойкость штор для окон

In accordance with regulatory documents, modern fire protection curtains must meet the following requirements:

  1. As the fire curtains for windows instruction , they can operate in the open position, but must be equipped with special equipment that guarantees automated closing in case of fire
  2. The design of fire barriers must be made of materials belonging to the category of non-combustible NG;
  3. Such window membranes should cover the openings qualitatively, on the whole area, in order to ensure the level of fire resistance indicated in their marking;
  4. fire curtains for windows, buy that can be used in Fire Technics, in a one-off form, if the opening is less than five meters wide, or a multi-shaft with a linen overlap, when the width is more than 5 meters;
  5. Compliance with the above requirements is always confirmed by regulatory documents. The certificate issued for fireproof curtains for windows confirms the conformity of the products with the current technical regulations, GOSTs and fire safety standards of the European model.

As for the limits of stability of fireproof structures, they can vary over a wide range, often with an increase in the level of resistance to burning by means of water irrigation. It implies installation on the structure of the water supply system, sprinkling water on the linen surface, thereby increasing the time of its flame resistance.

Currently, Fire Technics manufactures fire curtains for windows with a fire resistance limit :

  • Fireproof – EI60, EI120 and EI180;
  • Smoke protection – Е120.

In order to get a certificate of quality compliance, all manufactured fireproof curtains for windows are fire tested in accordance with GOST standards and requirements, because otherwise they can not be considered fireproof.

Огнезащитные преграды конвейерных приёмов

Production of fire curtains for windows: the main components of the structure

As already mentioned above, automated fire curtains for windows in Moscow, based on the limits of fire resistance, basically have one- or three-layer non-flammable and non-toxic linen, to enhance performance, additionally reinforced steel mesh. In individual canvases, a specialized composite material can be used that has the ability to expand at temperatures above 160 degrees, as a result, it provides increased protection against heat deluge.

The company produces two types of window fire retardant membranes with fire-resistant limit EI120 with water irrigation and with the level of protection EI60 without water reflux. In the first case, installing fire protection for windows means protecting window openings with a lightweight fairtex 1100 cloth weighing only 660 grams and having a thickness of 0.63 mm. In the second case we use fairtex 60 of German production, hanging about 2.5 kilograms square meter and having a thickness of 3 mm. It is the inner layer of the latter that includes a thermoactive material that expands to 5 cm. And capable of providing reliable protection against fire and heat spread.

Guides – with fire-prevention curtains for windows , they specify the direction of the fabric when unwinding from the shaft. They are made of steel, sheets of which have a 2-mm thickness. Color execution can be any.

The box – it is made of sheet steel, subjected to galvanizing, having a half-millimeter thickness. Its ends are closed with lids, sealing the structure and simultaneously contributing to the transfer of torque from the engine installed inside the shaft. The structure can be painted in any shade from the RAL color scale.

Why should you choose fire protection curtains for windows from the manufacturer of “FireTechnics”?

  • All products produced in our company are certified in accordance with international requirements and norms of domestic fire supervision;
  • In the shortest possible time (not more than a month) we carry out the development of the project, the manufacture of fire barriers, the supply of equipment and installation of fireproof curtains for windows on objects of any complexity and magnitude;
  • We provided protection with anti-fire curtains for windows, doors and other openings to more than a hundred of the largest facilities on the territory of our country, confirming the technology and reliability of its products in practice;
  • The installation of our fire barriers by our own installation teams, as well as its maintenance, allow the fire safety systems to reliably serve for decades;
  • Our fire curtains for windows prices are lower than most competitors, and as practice shows, they are 100% effective in containing fire and smoke in case of fire, saving lives and property
противопожарные шторы для окон
противопожарные шторы для окон

Video about FireTechnics fire curtains

Completed FireTechnics fire curtains


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Metering and designing

Departure gager Moscow + 10 km from MKAD free! We always recommend our customers to use the service of the meter, since depending on the correct measurement it is possible to install fire protection systems or not, as well as the final result.

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