Fire curtains EI180 (for irrigation)

///Fire curtains EI180 (for irrigation)
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automatic fire protection curtains

FireTechnics EI180



Рулонные Противопожарные шторы EI 180 (при орошении), Standart
3Д модель
3Д модель
3Д модель


Рулонные Противопожарные шторы EI 180 (при орошении), Premium


Closed ones

3Д модель
3Д модель

Open doors

Explosion diagram
Explosion diagram

As a rule, the position of the curtains is normally open, when the signal “fire” is received, the curtain automatically begins to fall and block the opening.

Curtains are designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke, to provide an opportunity for safe evacuation of people, to save material values.

In production, we use only proven and high-quality materials:

  • painting fiberglass – made in Germany
  • galvanized steel – production of Russia
  • control units certified for 123 FZ – own production FireTechnics
  • motors – production of Germany, France, China (manufactured specially for your company and brand FireTechnics for more than 10 years)

Additional equipment:

  • a loophole door (not an escape route)
  • the control unit with the uninterruptible power supply
  • key-buttons, for manual control
  • staining boxes, rails and shut-off bus in any color RAL classic

On request, we provide:

  • commercial proposal
  • technical passport
  • wiring diagrams
  • installation instructions
  • technical task for the preparation of the object
  • the task of the power supply
  • enter curtains in the project
  • choose an optimum variant of Curtains for specific opening
  • the departure of the expert on object

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The company has:

  • MOE license
  • SRO certificate
  • Installation teams in the state
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Certificate of Conformity No. of the EAEU BY 112 02.01. 022.01 00001

Received within the framework of the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union «On requirements for fire safety equipment. safety and fire fighting» ТР ЕАЭС 043/2017

Сертификат соответствия № ЕАЭС BY 112 02.01. 022.01 00001 Получен в рамках технического регламента Евразийского экономического союза «О требованиях к средствам обеспечения пожарной. безопасности и пожаротушения» ТР ЕАЭС 043/2017
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Photo of fire curtains EI180 (for irrigation)

Photos of installed fire curtains EI180, type Rolled

Photos of installed fire curtains EI180, Accordion type

More photos can be viewed in the Media section

Video of installed fire curtains EI180, type Rolled

More videos can be viewed in the Media section

Video of installed fire curtains EI180, Accordion type

More videos can be viewed in the Media section

About fire curtains

Fire protection curtains EI180 (for irrigation)

Fire curtains, also called curtains or screens, appeared relatively recently. Created for the purpose of dividing, in the event of a spontaneous fire of industrial, commercial and other large premises into compartments, they allow you to fence off its hearth, thereby preventing fire, smoke and heat divergence throughout the object area. The time that fire curtains hold back the elements is usually used to carry out evacuation, as well as to accumulate forces and means to eliminate the fire.

Playing the role of a kind of barriers, fire curtains do not block the room constantly, but only when a fire occurs. Their well-thought-out design allows you to keep the curtains at the ceiling or walls at normal times, as a result of which they do not interfere with movement around the building.

Being a fairly young method of providing fire protection, year by year the installation of fire curtains is increasingly used in new construction projects, as well as in the reconstruction of already successfully operated buildings. They are equipped with both production and storage areas, as well as cultural, household, public and educational institutions, parking lots.

According to its location, the fire curtain, the photo of which can be seen on our website, is most often mounted in elevator and gate openings, as well as on windows. In addition, such products can be installed in other openings. In particular, their effective use is for dividing huge spaces into small fire-fighting compartments. At the same time, their use will not greatly harm the design of the interior, and also will not reduce their internal volume. The development of the production of such structures has significantly expanded the scope of their application, and now they can be placed even on the facades of buildings in the neighborhood, in order to prevent the spread of fire from one to another, etc.

The level of fire resistance of anti-fire curtains

When planning to buy fire curtains (you can find a video about them on our website), you should pay attention to their main quality indicator – fire resistance. Two criteria are important here: the maximum time period during which the curtain retains its own thermal insulation qualities – denoted by “I”, and the time to preserve the integrity of the structure – denoted by “E”. Both of them are calculated in minutes.

More popular today are fire curtains in St. Petersburg and other cities with the marking EI60, 90, 120, 180. Different figures indicate the degree of their fire protection.

Fire curtains EI60, 90, 120, 180 are currently considered the best design option, providing fire safety for a wide variety of buildings and conditions of use. During the time that the curtain holds back the flames and the products of Gorenje, you can have time to conduct a safe human evacuation and save the valuables from the fire and wait for the arrival of firefighters.

These fire-proof structures, created by the world-famous manufacturer FireTechnics “Fiertekiks” LLC “Fire-fighting systems” LLC “PPS”, are designed to divide the premises in the event of a fire into fire-supporting compartments designed to prevent the spread of fire around the perimeter of the building, in order to protect people and property from the harmful effects of fire. The production of fire curtains with a high fire resistance limit EI 60, 90, 120, 180 guarantees effective evacuation for 60, 90, 120, 180 minutes with water consumption from sprinkler systems.

In its usual position, fire-fighting curtains FireTechnics are located under the ceiling, without interfering with movement around the room. When an alarm is triggered, this curtain can be lowered without the use of electricity from the object, using only gravity, which affects its lower bar. It is not difficult to control the fire curtains when the power is cut off and the motor is de-energized. The mechanism will continue to work due to the built-in UPS in the control unit of the series N-AES.

As an option, it is possible to order the installation of a loophole door (however, this can not be used as an escape passage or an emergency exit).

Automatic fire curtains EI 60, 90,120, 180, which pass mandatory certification, are produced by the manufacturer in the following variants:

  • Standard roll-up
  • Premium roll
  • Accordion closed
  • Accordion video
  • Accordion with guide
  • Accordion without guides

Often the accordion is called a Z shaped curtain

Objects for installation on which the production of fire curtains with a large margin of fire resistance is carried out:

  • hotels;
  • commercial and office buildings;
  • the LCD and the SEC;
  • commercial and administrative buildings;
  • educational and health facilities;
  • cinemas and museums;
  • stations and warehouses;
  • and other objects.

In just a few years of its successful application of barriers, fire curtains have proven their effectiveness in:

  • the protection of large Parking lots
  • the fencing halls elevators
  • protection facade
  • in the protection of the Atria
  • protection escalators
  • dividing large spaces to small compartments

Fire curtains in Yaroslavl, Yekaterinburg, Orenburg, St. Petersburg – the company “FreTechnics” is ready to meet the needs of high-quality fire safety equipment, which has excellent quality and reliability, of individuals and legal entities not only throughout Russia, but also abroad.

Why exactly FireTechnics curtains (FireShield is the former name that we abandoned due to unscrupulous suppliers using our name.)

For its long-term presence in the market of fire safety systems, we have earned an impeccable reputation as a conscientious manufacturer and supplier of high-quality fire curtains, the estimates of which are always transparent. In addition, our products can boast:

  • reliable structures, which can be exploited for decades
  • strength and resistance to various adverse effects
  • our fire curtains have the certificate of quality
  • design curtains are supplied with a remote control, allowing you to activate them remotely, regardless of whether the supplied power
  • in their production are used exclusively by non-combustible materials that do not require special care
  • fire curtain the price is quite low
  • we propose the implementation of projects “turnkey” from designing the most effective curtains and finishing them in a competent installation

Fire curtains, the price of which depends on the size of the canvas and a number of technical parameters, are installed by our specialists in several variations, the choice of which is based on the wishes of the customer and the place of installation:

  • it can be ceiling installation
  • embedding on the opening — set fire to the curtains on the wall
  • mount to the threaded studs and mounting profiles of a false view
  • the installation to the joists

If you still have questions about the device, features, characteristics, purchase, installation, or repair of fire curtains with irrigation, do not delay, call our qualified managers, who will be happy to help you decide. The highest level of service offered by us and one of the most favorable prices in Russia for fire curtains from the manufacturer will allow you to protect the building entrusted to you with almost one hundred percent efficiency!