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Fire curtains EI120 (for irrigation)

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Description of the system

Fire-resistant automatic curtains of the type Fireshield EI120 (With water irrigation) are designed to divide the rooms into separate fire compartments and prevent the spread of fire throughout the building, thereby protecting people and property from the effects of fire and smoke.
Lowering the curtains is due to the drive system Gravigen – without electricity, under the influence of gravity of the lower bar. The lowering speed is 0.15 m / s.

In the event of a power outage, the system remains functional for 72 hours due to the presence of an integrated battery in the control unit.

Possible execution with a door-loophole.


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Fire curtains EI120 (with irrigation)

Противопожарные шторы EI120 (при орошении)

Limits of fire resistance:

  • EI120 (with unilateral use of water irrigation from existing sprinkler or deluge fire extinguishing systems of the building, water flow is not less than 0.08 l / m2 per second).
  • EI180 (With one-side water irrigation with a water consumption of 7.3 liters per minute per running meter).


Option Standart Premium
Width, max: 8 M. 18 M.
Lowering depth, max: 6 M. 9,5 M.
The box (depth x height) 150×150 mm.
200×220 mm.
245×310 mm.


Material: Firetex 1100 (manufactured in Germany)

Fabric weight: 660 g / m.

Thickness of material: 0,63 mm

One-layer fabric. The fabric is certified as non-flammable and non-toxic.

To obtain high resistance at high temperatures, a thin stainless wire is woven into each fiberglass yarn.


It is made of galvanized sheet steel 1.5 mm. At both ends, the housing is closed with lids to make the circuit leaktight, and also to perceive the torque of the internal engine.

In the premium class curtain, support rollers are installed every 1.5 meters, eliminating the sagging of the shaft.

Color execution: any color according to RAL color scale or galvanized steel.

Mounting options:

Options for mounting the box, fire curtains EI120


Are intended for a direction of a cloth at unwinding from a shaft. Made of sheet steel 2 mm thick (casing – 1.5 mm). Built-in rodsFireshield Premium provide the necessary tightness, noiselessness of lowering and counteraction to high pressure.

Color execution: any color according to RAL color scale or galvanized steel.

Mounting options:

EI120 fire-prevention curtain guide mounting options


Unprecedented action from the group of companies FireTechnics – powder coating colors RAL 9002, 3020 and 7043 with 10% discount.

Model of fire curtains EI120 (with irrigation)
Противопожарные шторы EI120 (при орошении) на объекте
Противопожарные шторы EI120 (при орошении) на объекте
модель противопожарных штор EI120 (при орошении)

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Color execution: any color according to RAL color scale or galvanized steel.

Color execution of the guiding fire curtains

About fire curtains

Fireproof curtains EI120

Fireproof curtains, Called also veils or barriers, the market appeared not so long ago. Created for the purpose of separating industrial, commercial and other large premises into improvised compartments in case of spontaneous combustion, they allow to fence off its hearth, thereby preventing fire, smoke and thermal divergence throughout the object area. The time that the fire curtains in Voronezh restrain the elements is usually used to conduct human evacuation, as well as the accumulation of forces and means to eliminate the fire.

Fulfilling the role of peculiar obstacles, fire curtains, Moscow is blocking the room not permanently, but only in the event of an outbreak. Their thoughtful design allows you to keep veils at the usual time at the ceiling or walls, as a result of which they do not interfere with movement through the building.

противопожарные шторы 120

Fire-prevention curtains of norm and GOSTs

The rules for the use of automatic fire curtains that provide fire and smoke protection are prescribed by Federal Law No. 123 of 2008. The GOST fire curtains Depending on the method used to prevent the large-scale spread of various fire factors, divides them into varieties, including fireproof ones:

  • Breaks;
  • Partitions;
  • Constructions – “walls”;
  • Overlapping;
  • Veils, membranes, screens and curtains;
  • Water curtains;
  • Mineralized strips.

Being a fairly young method of providing fire protection, year after year installation of fire curtains Increasingly used in new construction projects, as well as in the reconstruction of already successfully operated buildings. They are equipped as production and storage areas, and cultural, domestic, public and educational institutions, office centers and various kinds of underground facilities.

монтаж противопожарных штор

At the same time, fire protection curtains are subject to such requirements as:

  • Incombustibility and flexibility of the fabric;
  • Enviable strength;
  • Impermeability to air;
  • Increased resistance to various atmospheric phenomena and mechanical influences;
  • Should have a relatively small mass;
  • Have reduced thermal conductivity;
  • To be resistant to the effects of chemistry.

In the place of its location, the fire curtain, the photo of which can be seen on our website, is most often mounted in elevator and portal openings, as well as on windows. In addition, similar products can be installed in other openings, whose height reaches eight, and width – forty meters. In particular, their effective use is to separate large spaces into small fire compartments. In this case, it is worth to you fireproof curtains to buy in Voronezh, and their use will not greatly harm the design of the interior, and also will not reduce their internal volume. The development of the production of such structures has significantly expanded the scope of their application, and now they can be placed even on the facades of buildings in the neighborhood, in order to prevent the throwing of fire from one to another, etc.

Fire resistance level of fireproof curtains

When planning buy fireproof curtains (video about them you can find on our website), you should pay attention to their main quality indicator – fire resistance. Two criteria are important here: the maximum time interval during which the shutter retains its own thermal insulating qualities – denoted by the letter “I”, as well as the time of preservation of the integrity of the structure – is marked “E”. Both of them are calculated in minutes.

Fire-prevention curtains in St. Petersburg and other cities with the EI60 and EI120 markings are very popular today. Different figures indicate the degree of their fire resistance. And if the first work without irrigation, holding the fire for an hour, the latter – with irrigation water, and, twice as long.

Fireproof curtains EI120 at the moment it is considered the best variant of the design providing fire safety for the most different buildings and conditions of use. For two hours, while the veil keeps the flame and products of burning, you can make safe human evacuation and save the fire from the fire and wait for the firemen to arrive.

противопожарные шторы

Fireproof curtains, FireShield EI120 (supplied with water irrigation)

These fireproof structures created by the manufacturer with a world-wide name of the company “FireTechnics” are designed to divide the premises in case of fire on the so-called. “Fire-holding” compartments designed to prevent the spread of fire throughout the building perimeter, in order to protect people and property from the harmful effects of fire. Manufacturing of fire-prevention curtains with a high fire resistance limit EI120 and additional water irrigation guarantees an effective evacuation for 120 minutes with a flow of just over seven liters per minute per 1 meter.

In the usual position FireShield fire curtains are under the ceiling, without interfering with the movement of the room. When an alarm is triggered, this curtain can be lowered and without the use of electricity, using only gravity, which affects its lower bar. It goes down at a speed of about 0.2 m / s. Management of fire-prevention curtains When power is cut off and the motor is de-energized, it is not difficult. Work mechanism will continue for another three days thanks to the built-in battery and management unit, coupled with the drive system Gravigen.

As an option, it is possible to order installation of a door-loophole (however, this can not be used as a passage for evacuation, or emergency exit).

Passing mandatory certification automatic fire curtains EI120 are manufactured by the manufacturer in 2 versions

  • Standard – has a flame retardant limit of one hundred and twenty minutes with water irrigation 7.3 liters per minute per meter. The maximum size of the structure can be 7X6 m;
  • Premium – fire-resistant period is the same one hundred and twenty minutes with water irrigation 7.3 liters. in a minute. The maximum size of such curtains can be 24X10 m.

Objects for installation on which the production of fire protection curtains with a large margin of fire resistance is conducted:

  • Hotels;
  • Trade and office buildings;
  • LCD and mall;
  • Economic and administrative buildings;
  • Educational, as well as health institutions;
  • Cinemas and museums;
  • Railway stations and warehouses …
производство противопожарных штор

In just a few years of its successful application, the barrier fireproof curtains have proven effective in:

  • Protection of large parking lots under the ground;
  • Fencing of elevator halls;
  • Protection of the facade;
  • When protecting atriums;
  • Protection of escalators;
  • Division of large spaces into small compartments.

Fireproof curtains Yaroslavl, Ekaterinburg, Orenburg, Saint Petersburg – The company “FireTehnics” is ready to satisfy the requests in the high-quality fire-and-fire equipment, which has excellent quality and reliability of individuals and legal entities not only throughout Russia, but also beyond its borders.

противопожарные шторы

FireShield EI120 fire protection system accessories from Fire Technics

  1. Box – it includes steel galvanized panels, whose length can reach three meters, and if necessary can increase due to docking. The dimensions of the box are determined by the height of the opening, which needs overlapping. So, the standard size is 20X22 cm with no more than 400-cm height of the opening. If it is higher, a 33x33cm box is ordered. It can be painted in any color according to the RAL table.
  2. The winding shaft is made of a steel pipe inside which a motor is built in. The latter starts the rotation of the shaft, on which the fire curtains, the price of which we are very available, are wound.
  3. Cloth for curtains with reinforced fire protection is applied corresponding – high-strength fiberglass reinforced with a grid of stainless steel fairtex 1100. With a thickness of only 0, 63 mm, the weight of a square meter of this fabric is 660gr. It can boast of non-toxicity and the presence of a certificate of non-combustibility of the state pattern. On the side of the curtain cloth of less than 7-meter width (the standard series) are attached metal bunches that prevent the canvas from leaving the guide rails. In the package, premium bouquets are replaced with pockets that guide the fabric along the bars of the so-called side tires.
  4. The guide rails are bars in the side rails, which according to the fireproof curtain instructions are designed to counteract high pressures and improve the tightness, as well as the noiselessness of lowering.
  5. The cut-off tire is made of bent profiles and is intended for fixing the web in the unfolded state. It ensures tight closeness of the curtain to the floor, and also accelerates the lowering of the blade in case of fire.
  6. Engine – the ei 120 fire protection blind instruction reflects that their fabric is lowered under the weight of the lower cut-off tire and the requirements for the process itself are described in European regulations. In the middle, the canvas unfolds at a speed of about 0, 2 m per second.
  7. Control unit KMS-EV-4.0 – are controlled by curtains with electric drives by means of specialized units in remote mode, or automatic. In the latter case, feeding from the accumulators installed in the unit, it falls with an average speed of about 0, 15 meters per second.
  8. Door loophole as an option.

Why the FireShield curtains, rather than the products of competitors?

For its many years of presence in the market of fire safety systems, we have earned an impeccable reputation as a bona fide manufacturer and supplier of high-quality fire curtains, whose estimates are always transparent. In addition, our products can boast:

  • Reliable designs that can be used for decades;
  • Strength and resistance to all kinds of adverse effects;
  • Our fireproof curtains Have a certificate the quality of the European sample;
  • The curtain design is provided with remote control, allowing them to operate remotely, regardless of the presence of electricity supplied;
  • When used exclusively incombustible materials that do not require special care;
  • Fire curtain cost We have a fairly low;
  • We offer turn-key projects, starting with the design of the most effective curtains and ending with their competent installation.
Противопожарные шторы EI120, цена

Fire curtains EI120, price Which depends on the size of the canvas and a number of technical parameters, are assembled by our specialists in several variations, the choice of which is based on the customer’s wishes and the location of the installation:

  • This can be a ceiling installation;
  • Embedding on an opening – installation of a fire-prevention curtain on a wall;
  • Fastening to threaded studs and mounting profiles of suspension;
  • Mounting to beams.

If you have any questions about the device, features, features, purchase, installation, or repair of fire protection curtains with EI120 irrigation, do not hesitate to call our qualified managers who will be happy to help you decide. The highest level of service offered by us and one of the most advantageous prices in Russia for fireproof curtains from the manufacturer will allow you to secure the building entrusted to you with almost 100% efficiency!

противопожарные шторы от производителя

Video about FireTechnics fire curtains