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System Description

fire-Fighting, smoke-Proof automatic curtains FireTechnics-S type “Accordion” (former name Fireshield), with the following fire resistance limits:

  • EI120, certificate no. C-RU.PB25.B. 03430 (with one-way use of water irrigation from existing sprinkler or drencher systems of fire extinguishing of the building, water consumption not less than 0.08 l / m2 per second) (fire-resistant)
  • E 120, certificate of compliance no. C-RU.PB25.V. 03431 (smoke-proof)

Designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke, providing the ability to safely evacuate people, save property and conduct fire extinguishing.

execution Options: rectangle, square, polygon, ” P “shape,” G ” shape, straight, polyline, individual execution according to Customer requirements.

it is Possible to install a loophole door (not an escape route).

Applications: fencing Elevator halls, protecting atriums, protecting escalators, and so on.

the Decisive factor when choosing curtains of this type is the ability to cover openings of various configurations and perimeters, without using side racks (guides), which are used in standard curtains.

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Specifications fire curtains type “Accordion”

Модель противопожарные шторы Гармошка
Модель противопожарные шторы Гармошка
Модель противопожарные шторы Гармошка

Working Principle

The position of the curtains is normally open, when the “fire” signal is received, the curtain automatically begins to fall at a speed of 0.15 m/s and cover the opening completely – in fire-resistant curtains, or to a set point – in smoke-proof curtains (on average, 2.5 meters above the floor level, but can be changed on request). In case of a false alarm or a planned check of the building’s fire protection system, the curtain automatically assumes the normally open position.


To obtain high resistance to high temperatures, glass fiber reinforced with thin stainless wire is used (manufactured in Germany).
The fabric is certified as non-flammable and non-toxic.


The box is made of two parts: the upper and lower movable part.
The overall size is 300×300 mm.
It is made of galvanized sheet steel.
Color version: RAL or galvanized steel.


They are used in the following forms:” G ” – shaped, straight, and polyline.
Installed only at the edges, without creating interference and steals space.
At the moment when the cloth has lowered and blocked the opening, the guides are closed with the help of built-in intravenous electric motors and seal the opening.
Dimensions: in the open position 327×125 mm., in the closed position 203×150 mm.
It is made of galvanized sheet steel.
Color version: RAL or galvanized steel.

Control Unit

N-AES series units are used for control
The control unit is certified and assigned no. C-RU.PB34.V. 02237
If the object is not equipped with the 1st category of power supply, the control unit can be equipped with an uninterruptible power supply, which makes it possible to keep the curtain in working condition even if the object is de-energized.

Eectric Motor

They are used depending on the configuration and size: standard-Intravenous 230V/AC, Axial 380 V / AC

For accurate sizes please contact the managers of the company FireTechnics, depending on Your needs we can manufacture fire curtains accordion custom.
Width up to 150 linear meters
Height up to 7.5 meters
Модель противопожарные шторы Гармошка
Модель противопожарные шторы Гармошка

Important! fireproof curtain type FireTechnics (Fireshield) -S “Accordion” delivered to the object is almost assembled, which greatly facilitates the installation of fire curtains, increases the speed and correctness of execution of mounting and commissioning works.

Drawings and options of installation of fire curtains type “Accordion”

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Certificates automatic fire curtains type FireTechnics (Fireshield) -S Accordion

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About automatic fire curtains “Accordion”

What is a fire-protective curtain “Garmoshka”, its features and characteristics

Fireshield automatic fire curtains aimed at fire protection serve to create a closed space around the fire in order to prevent the smoke and fire from coming out beyond its limits, which threaten to spread throughout the building. As a result, they reliably protect people and property from destructive fire and smoke impact.

In which areas of buildings are used “Harmonic”? They are indispensable for:

  • Fencing of elevator halls;
  • Protection of excavators and atriums;
  • Installation in places where it is not possible to mount side guides for standard fire barriers.

Противопожарные шторы Гармошка

Structurally, such a fire retardant curtain is made in a rectangular or polygonal form, it can take the form of the letter “P” or “G”. In this case, the curtain width varies depending on the customer’s wishes – it is performed for a specific object and installation location, the height of the product is limited to six meters.

The basis for the manufacture of such anti-fire barriers is the one-layer glass fiber Firetex 1100, produced in Germany. It has a thickness of 0.63 mm. And is characterized by non-inflammability and non-toxicity. In order to give it increased durability when exposed to heat and high temperatures, virtually every fiberglass thread is weaved with stainless steel wire. As a result, the fire retardant shade acquires the fire resistance limit EI120 (using water irrigation), and its texture begins to resemble the furs of a musical instrument – accordion. This is the reason for its name – “Harmonic”.

The fire retardant curtains are raised and lowered exclusively automatically – due to the motor. At the same time, when installing such a product on the site, do not be afraid that due to interruptions in electricity at the most crucial moment it will not fulfill its function. In this case, it is envisaged to reserve the electric motor from the battery.

The lifting mechanism is housed in a box, which is made of galvanized steel panels in a U-shape. The docking of the boxes among themselves is done using connecting plates.

Advantages of the “Harmonic” installation from FireTechnics

Our company designs according to your dimensions, produces, assembles on site and tests for performance high-quality fireproof curtains of the “Harmonic” type in just a month. In this case, your warehouse, mall, office center, production or other facility acquires high-quality and reliable equipment that reduces the possibility of spreading fire around the building in the event of a fire practically to zero. This is possible due to the many advantages of our products:

  • Inherent to them a large fire-resistant limit (they can contain the flame up to 120 minutes);
  • Ensuring simple and quick access of the incoming fire brigade to the fire zone;
  • Relatively small weight and dimensions of the curtain design;
  • The design of “Harmonic” can be both monolithic, and have a door-loophole;
  • External aesthetics and freedom in design. The customer is free to choose in which hue the construction of the fire protection barrier will be painted – in steel or any other of the extensive RAL table;
  • “Harmonic” are mounted by the company’s specialists, which excludes the risk of damage to the architectural parts of the structure. The standard installation scheme provides for ceiling mounting, however, at the request of the customer, an individual variant is possible. The only condition – the degree of fire resistance of the structure chosen for the installation of the barrier, should not be lower than the level of fire resistance of the curtain;
  • Due to the location of the curtain in the inactive form under the ceiling, it does not prevent the use of the entire building area. Its lowering is performed only at the moment of onset of fire danger and receiving the corresponding signal;
  • In addition to a large margin of strength and flexibility, FireTechnics firearms are also airtight, which means they do not carry out smoke, and also do not heat up well, without missing a fever;
  • The construction of anti-fire barriers from environmentally friendly materials makes it possible to declare that they have no toxicity in contact with fire and combustion products;
  • Our automatic curtains can become a part of any fire fighting systems, increasing the efficiency of automated fire extinguishers and allowing to autonomously extinguish the emergent fire before the arrival of firefighters;
  • Reliability of functioning and immunity to adverse effects allows to mount them in any structures, almost under the open sky;
  • All our products are certified and have a 5-year guarantee of impeccable operation.

Автоматические противопожарные шторы Гармошка

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противопожарные шторы гармошка

Call us right now or leave a request on the site. Our competent staff will be happy to answer all questions related to the device, operation, choice and benefits of “Harmonic”, and also help you choose the suitable design for your conditions. You can be sure, managers will consider all your wishes for aesthetics, technical and economic objects of fire-protection equipment. And when our qualified installers install and adjust the fire protection kit prepared for you, you will begin to perceive the possibility of a fire in the building as akin to an unfortunate accident, because with our protective systems, he has no chance to take the building!