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Fire curtains EI60, EI90, EI120 (without irrigation)
Smoke curtains E120 (without irrigation)
Fire curtains EI180 (for irrigation)
Fire curtains for Windows
Fire curtain “Accordion”
Fire curtain “Horizontal”
Fire-smoke-tight membrane
Sliding fire gates of EI60, EI90
Sectional gates fire EI60
Roll fire gates EI60
Swinging fire gates EI60
Roll-up gate aluminum profile “AL-120”
Roller gates are made of metal profiles “M80/М80Р”
Rolling gates of translucent polycarbonate
Roller gates «Grid»
Sectional gates for closing the openings
Film high speed gate
Spiral high speed gate

Fire resistant barriers, conveyor openings

Fire resistant barriers, conveyor openings
Fire-proof glazed doors

Providing security for property and people is the most important task facing every person responsible for a building where visitors are constantly visiting and containing valuable equipment or property. And the equipment of a quality fire-fighting system is one of the primary goals for its successful solution. Implying the installation of a whole complex of engineering equipment, such a system will allow timely detection of signs of a fire, promptly alert people of the danger, localize the fire without letting the fire “creep” through the building, and create favorable conditions for human evacuation and subsequent firefighting.

Varieties of fire protection systems:

  • Fire alarm system;
  • Fire extinguishing systems;
  • Installations for warning and controlling the evacuation of people;
  • Smoke extraction plants;
  • Systems of localization of the source of ignition, preventing the spread of fire throughout the building area.

Any of the fire protection systems is an extremely complex set of products, which includes sensors for fire and smoke, appliances, annunciators, Anti-smoke curtains, FireProof curtains, Etc. The choice of such equipment on the market today is huge, but how to choose among it exactly what you need, design a system that can detect a fire at an early stage, warn personnel about it, fence a fire from Other area of the structure, in order to ensure safe evacuation and effective fire extinguishing? You just need to contact FireTechnics, the Russian leader in the manufacture and installation of high-quality fire protection systems!

Fire-fighting systems from FireTechnics – a guarantee of your safety

Our catalog of fire-fighting products contains many components for assembling highly efficient systems that not only save lives in sudden fires, but also prevent the spread of combustion products through the site, helping to preserve property, equipment and other valuables until the arrival of the fire brigade.

For your convenience, we have divided the rich assortment of our fire-fighting products into sections:

  1. The first Curtains with fireproof qualities different fire resistance classes EI60, EI90 and EI120, which do not have water irrigation, with an increased level of fire resistance EI60, EI120 and EI 180 with irrigation, Smoke curtain E120, «Horizontal» и «Concertino», Fire curtains for windows и Flame retardant membranes.
  2. In the second you can choose the most optimal for you Fire gates and doors – Sliding gate model FireTechnics-P, Swing gates with automatic opening D ЕI60, Automatic roller shutters Firerollgate, Sectional doors FireTechnics-S, Doors with fire resistance EI60.
  3. In the third you will be pleased with the quality and aesthetics Gates and doors without fire protection, which can be used for almost any area of openings. Among them Insulated aluminum gate AL-120, Steel gate M80, M80R, Translucent gate, Sectional door, Entrance doors “Novosel” for apartments, and Automatic barriers.
  4. The fourth section presents Smoke shielding devices, among which Smoke curtains model E120, Equipment for smoke and heat removal COLT GROUP, and Sun protection systems COLT GROUP with placement on facades, Industrial ventilation COLT GROUP, Climate control systems COLT GROUP, and Complex solutions COLT GROUP.

At the same time, FireTechnics not only offers components for the design of fire protection systems, but also its extensive professional experience in the design and installation of equipment, so that it functions smoothly and smoothly for decades.

We can guarantee that the fire protection systems created by us from scratch will meet modern fire safety requirements, and besides:

  • Ensure the maximum safety of the premises from the destructive effect of fire according to European standards, which is confirmed by the relevant quality certificates;
  • Give the right time for evacuation, preserve material values and increase the effectiveness of fire fighting systems, restraining the fire before the arrival of firefighters;
  • Due to modern technologies of design and decoration, our fire-fighting products will decorate the appearance of any buildings;
  • Will please you at an affordable price,
  • Any system will be developed taking into account all the features of the structure in which it should be installed, and your wishes, and also mounted in the shortest possible time.

A little about the company FireTechnics

• Own factory

– High-precision German equipment
– Highly qualified staff

• A complex approach

– Design
– Manufacturing
– Installation
– Service maintenance

• Innovative solutions

– Implementation of non-standard solutions for closing openings

• Competencies

– Certificates confirming the consistently high quality of products
– Certificate of admission to work (SRO)
– License for the implementation of installation, maintenance (MES)

• Guarantee

– Up to 5 years warranty

• An experience

– More than 15 years of successful work

Video factory by FireTechnics

Finished objects video FireTechnics

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