Сервисное обслуживание противопожарных систем

//Сервисное обслуживание противопожарных систем
Сервисное обслуживание противопожарных систем 2017-05-30T18:03:08+00:00

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Timely and regular servicing

eventually, will protect your property and life from a fire death

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Do you have a fire barrier, maintenance-free?

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Why is it necessary Cervisnoe Service:

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  • Regular maintenance by our qualified professionals ensures the claimed product life and even extend it, as a result of eliminating the need for expensive repair and replacement

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  • After-sales service is economically profitable periodic repairs and replacements

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  • Excluded are interruptions in the production cycle of the enterprise caused by faulty equipment

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  • Work carried out according to the schedule of service provided with the necessary spare parts and repair kits, which reduces the time of work

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    The main tasks of the Service Service:

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    Condition monitoring

    To verify compliance with the parameters of the project and technical documentation

    Determination of the limit condition in which further operation becomes impossible or impractical by examination and testing of

    Analysis and synthesis of information on the technical condition of serviced systems and their reliability in operation

    Development of measures to improve the forms and methods of servicing

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    servicing of fire fighting products (curtains, gates) Group FireTechnics is ready to offer its customers, in addition to high-quality fire products (curtains, gate) and roller doors without fire protection of domestic production, maintenance services in a clearly agreed deadlines and quality result.

    Modern to shut off the openings of the system, whether it be fire or no fire protection — it is a complex mechanism that requires regular attention and maintenance, while in maintenance and repair procedures are reasonably high complexity and labor-intensive, so they should be trusted only to professionals.

    Our specialists who have the necessary qualifications and experience since 2002, are ready to fulfill the entire spectrum of services for carrying out any kind of service — from the usual preventive measures to complex repairs and refurbishments.

    Service maintenance of fire protection systems should be organized at each site with the date of commissioning. Service maintenance is carried out to maintain the fire protection systems in good working order and repair throughout the life cycle, as well as to ensure their operation in the event of a fire in order to save lives and property. [/ Fusion_text] [/ fusion_builder_column] [/ fusion_builder_row] [/ fusion_builder_container ]

    Question Support Service

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    service tasks of fire products (curtains, gates)

    for the service of events:

    • Carrying out planned preventive examinations, diagnosis and test the operation according to the rules
    • the benefits of service of fire products (curtains, gates) Eliminating minor faults, defects
    • Providing assistance in the proper operation

    The advantages of working with our company:

    • Group FireTechnics is the manufacturer of fire fighting systems (blinds, gates) and roller doors without fire protection, and no one but us will not be able to provide you with really good service, because we all know about these products
    • The production base is equipped with modern equipment that allows, if necessary, in a short time to produce the necessary components and spare parts for replacement
    • Design team, able to solve the challenges associated with upgrading and refining designs

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    Groups FireTechnics company specialists
    possess all the necessary permits, certificates, licenses and experience to carry out maintenance.

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    If you have any questions, you can contact us in any convenient way:

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    Schedule of service and curtains

    • General Diagnostic curtains, lowering and raising test (in manual mode and in the fire protection system operation mode)
    • Assessment of the general state of the curtains, checking for signs of corrosion and contamination
    • Checking the status of fabric curtains (state seams, side pockets, the presence of discontinuities, etc.)
    • Check the operation of the guide (there is a gap, the state of the guide), cleaning of large debris
    • Checking the status of the winding web (presence of distortions, wrinkling, etc.)
    • By operation cutoff bus (clip quality level in the housing recess, close fitting to floor surface)
    • Check blade mounting on a shaft
    • Check the attachment state (consoles, side covers, side rails)
    • Check the drive, motor mount, fuses
    • Diagnosis cable feed to the motor
    • General check of the system
    • Checking the end position fabric curtains, adjustable limit switches
    • Check mains voltage
    • Checking the battery charging voltage (26,5 — 27,5 V at 220 C.)
    • control voltage (signal failure in power supply)
    • network disconnection (electrical equipment must be in working condition by the battery)
    • Raising and lowering the canvas curtains (the button on the remote control unit or switch)
    • Control of space on the road and in the place of lowering blade
    • Significant comments on PPB

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    Schedule of service fire doors

    • External examination, checking gate performance, assessment of compliance with safety rules and operation, check the reliability of fixing the basic units
    • Troubleshooting webs (no deformation, damage, contamination, excessive wear, the symmetry of the winding on the shaft (if any), the absence of a winding fault to the shaft (if any), tears and damage webs fire pockets), guide rails (no deformation, damage, strong fastening, damage welds), consoles (no deformation, damage, strong fastening, damage welds) of the shaft (horizontal installation, damage), the axes of the shaft ( Using the fully located in the bearing), bearings (all parts mounting in place, the torque corresponding to the requirements), the actuator (no unusual noise during operation, oil stains, torque meets all in place mountings), automatic (the control housing is not damaged , keys work, CEE plug is easily stretched)
    • Check the status, broaching all threaded connections, adjusting screws
    • Check and adjust the electric limit switches
    • Check performance and adjustment of the gearbox emergency manual motor recovery
    • Checking the status and reliability of fastening locks lateral sipes wind hooks
    • Check symmetry of winding the web on the shaft and check the presence of distortions, jams, troubleshooting
    • Elimination of minor problems
    • Checking the automatic lowering of the gate of the APS system
    • Significant comments on PPB

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    Schedule of service roll-up door without fire protection

    • Visual inspection
    • operability test
    • Assessment of compliance with the rules of operation and maintenance of security
    • Checking the reliability of fastening of the main units
    • web Test: no deformation, no damage, no pollution, lack of excessive wear, symmetry running web
    • Checking the guide rails (if any): no deformation, damage, strong fastening, damage
    • Checking consoles (if any): no deformation, damage, strong fastening, damage welds
    • shaft test (if any): horizontal installation, damage, diagnostics bearings (all mountings in place, torque meets) electric checking (if available): no abnormal noise during operation, oil spills, torque complies with all the details fixing in place, if necessary, adjustment of the limit switches
    • automatic checking (if any) of the control unit housing is not damaged, the keys work, CEE fork easily pulled
    • Feeding all threaded connections, adjusting screws
    • Check performance and adjustment of the gearbox emergency manual motor recovery
    • Checking the status and reliability of fastening locks lateral sipes wind hooks (if any)
    • Elimination of minor problems

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    Service staff at the center FireTechnics
    guarantee increases in 2 times !

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