Fire Curtain, type «Accordion» on the object

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Fire Curtain, type «Accordion», from the manufacturer FireTechnics, on the object Fire Curtain type "Accordion" is a fire and smoke barrier. It has no gaps, can be lowered both to the floor and to the required level, which makes it possible to use this type of Curtains as a Smoke barrier. Glass fiber reinforced with [...]

Roll gates AL120 with Windows

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The company started production FireTechnics Roll gates AL120 with Windows, that somewhat changes the visual perception of the design of the gate, the lighting of the room. Detailed information about industrial roll gates, namely: system description; technical characteristics gate; drawings and mounting options for roll gates AL-120 as well as to view the 3-D model, "explosion-scheme" [...]

The exhibition «Safety. Crimea-2019». Gratitude

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We Express our gratitude to everyone who visited our stand FIRETECHNICS No. 56 at the exhibition «Safety. Crimea-2019»! Follow the news on the site, so as not to miss information about new upcoming exhibitions, new products. If for some reason You could not visit the «V exhibition of integrated security» - we offer you virtual tour [...]

Diploma FireTechnics participant of the Exhibition “Safety. Crimea 2019”

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GC FireTechnics awarded a diploma for active participation in Exhibition “Safety. Crimea 2019” as part of the 5th Anniversary exhibition (Yalta, Crimea) November 14-16, 2019. The diploma was awarded to the General Director of “EKSPOKRYM” Sergey Smerecki.

Opening Of The Exhibition «Safety. Crimea-2019»

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Today, November 14, the opening ceremony took place «Safety. Crimea-2019». At 10-00 in the GC "Yalta-Intourist", in the conference hall "Yalta coast" Held a forum of integrated security with the participation Of the main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Crimea. As part of the business program, events were held: Integrated security forum [...]

Fire curtains Fire Technics-S «Accordion»

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Company Fire Technics LTD «Fire protection system» took part in the design, manufactured, delivered to the facility, performed installation and commissioning automatic fire curtains brand "Fireshield" brand Fire Technics type «Accordion» (closed 4 sides in the form of a rectangle and open 3 sides with side guides to the wall) without a loophole door, with one-way use [...]

Sliding fire gates of Fire Technics-EPA 120 with a gate

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GC Firetechnics has completed the measurement, production and installation of the following products: Sliding fire gates of Fire Technics-EPA 120 with a gate Sliding gates are very popular in the private sector and in industrial enterprises, as they are comfortable to operate and do not take up much space, provide convenience and security of entry. [...]

Happy Builder’s Day 2019!

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Dear builders, architects, designers, designers! Dear customers, colleagues, friends! Today we honor You and heartily congratulate you on The Builder's Day! Heartfelt thanks for Your hard and noble work! From the bottom of our hearts we wish You good health, great happiness, implementation of new, most daring plans! Good luck and new achievements!



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