With the holiday on February 23 from FireTechnics!

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Please accept our sincere congratulations on February 23! We wish that your enthusiasm, enthusiasm and self-confidence will never leave you, and the guardian angel will protect you on all the roads of life! On this holiday, we pay tribute to and honor the memory of all the soldiers who defended our native land from enemies. Let [...]

Smoke curtain type «Accordion» sine hiatus, cum terminum ignis resistentiam E, 120

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Smoke curtain type «Accordion» Group of companies FireTechnics (LLC «PPP») produced and installed a smoke-Proof curtain type «Accordion» without gaps, with a fire resistance limit of E 120. Fire-resistant smoke curtains FireTechnics. E 120 Models. Individual projects, European materials, service · Own factory of fire curtains, gates, industrial gates without fire protection with full technological process. [...]

EI60 sliding fire gate with wicket

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Group of companies FireTechnics (LLC «PPP») produced and installed Sliding fire gates EI60 with a gate. Installation of fire-fighting sliding gates is one of the effective methods of localization of the fire source. Fire gates hold the spread of fire and products of combustion, thereby increasing the time required for critical decision-making. Fire resistance of the [...]

Smoke-proof curtain type «Accordion»

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Group of companies FireTechnics (LLC «PPP») produced and installed smoke-proof curtain type «Accordion» without gaps, with a fire resistance limit E 120 in St. Petersburg Smoke protection curtains from the manufacturer-to prevent the spread of smoke and to divert smoke to smoke removal systems, thus providing the opportunity to conduct a safe evacuation of people and [...]

Happy New Year, 2020!

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Dear friends! Happy New Year! We wish you health, happiness, well-being and prosperity in business, original ideas, modern solutions, abundance of customers and festive mood! We appreciate our friendly and business relations and sincerely hope for their successful continuation! Sincerely, the company «FireTechnics» Christmas lights Shine, Warm, bright candle light in life bring kindness, Fulfill your [...]

Smoke-proof curtains E120 Fire Technics, type «Accordion»

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FireTechnics implements projects for equipping objects with E120 smoke-Proof curtains with 0% percent of gaps, type " Accordion» The design of automatic fire-fighting, smoke-proof curtains of the "Accordion" type can be made in the form of a rectangle or polygon, easily built into the ceiling space, to create a closed space, providing protection from fire / [...]

Fire-fighting automatic curtain (screen, curtain) system “Fireshield”, with a door-loophole, in the Parking lot

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The company "Fire protection systems", the brand FireTechnics, informs about the installation in the Parking lot following products: automatic Fire curtain (screen, curtain) system "Fireshield", with a door-a trapdoor, one-way use of irrigation water from the existing sprinkler or deluge fire extinguishing systems of the building (water flow of at least 0.08 l/sqm / sec). The [...]

Automatic fire barrier (curtain, screen, curtain) of the “Fireshield-EI 60” system in the Parking lot

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We Present to your attention a fire-fighting automatic barrier (curtain, screen, curtain) system "Fireshield-EI60". The limit of fire resistance EI 60 (without irrigation). The service life is 5 years. The use of high-quality components, correct installation and regular maintenance, makes it possible to operate the curtains of our production for many years.

Complete solution: Fire curtains and high-Speed Film gates.

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The company "fire-fighting systems", brand FireTechnics, offers a comprehensive solution for the installation of fire-fighting curtains FireTechnics EI60 (without water irrigation) and high-speed film gates. Using this solution, the Customer gets unlimited quantity to block the aperture, for the passage and the passage, and in the case of actuation of fire suppression system, to block the [...]

Fire technics ei120 fire curtains (for irrigation) on site

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Company LLC "fire-Fighting systems" brand FireTechnics, produces FireTechnics ei120 fire curtains (for irrigation) of all sizes, configurations and purposes. firetechnics ei120 Curtain (for irrigation) - production in accordance with Federal law 123, European materials, for individual projects. Own production · Installation · Service · Warranty * License of the Ministry of emergency situations and SRO [...]