Maintenance of fire protection systems

//Maintenance of fire protection systems
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Timely and regular service

In the end, will save your property and people’s lives from death in case of fire

Do you have fire protection barriers that require maintenance?

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Why the Service Service is necessary:

  • Regular maintenance by our qualified specialists ensures the declared life of the product and even prolongs it, as a result there is no need for expensive repairs and replacement

  • Service maintenance is more economical than periodic repairs and replacement

  • Breaks in the production cycle of the enterprise caused by equipment malfunctions are excluded

  • The works carried out according to the schedule of service are provided with necessary spare parts and repair kits, which reduces the time of work

The main tasks of the Service Service are:

Technical condition control

Verification of compliance with project parameters and technical documentation requirements

Determination of the limit state at which further operation becomes impossible or impractical, by conducting an examination and testing

Analysis and generalization of information on the technical condition of the systems being serviced and their reliability in operation

Development of measures to improve the forms and methods of service

сервисное обслуживание противопожарной продукции (шторы, ворота)

The FireTechnics group of companies is ready to offer its customers, in addition to high-quality fire-fighting products (curtains, gates) and rolling gates without the fire protection of their own production, services for service in a clearly agreed time and quality result.

Modern systems for blocking openings, whether fireproof or flame retardant, are a complex mechanism that requires regular attention and maintenance, while the maintenance and repair procedures are quite complex and labor intensive, so they are only to be trusted by professional specialists.

The specialists of our company, who have the necessary qualifications and experience since 2002, are ready to perform the full range of services for carrying out any kind of service – from routine preventive measures to complex repairs and re-equipment.

Maintenance of fire protection systems should be organized at each facility from the moment of commissioning. Service maintenance is carried out to maintain fire fighting systems in an efficient and serviceable condition for the entire service life, as well as ensuring their operation in the event of a fire in order to save lives and property.

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задачи сервисного обслуживания противопожарной продукции (шторы, ворота)

Any technique needs care and timely maintenance. Careful use, excellent knowledge of the performance characteristics of the equipment and compliance with its application standards – all this, of course, helps to prolong the period of operation, but to guarantee its permanent operation, and 100% exclusion of unforeseen breakdowns is only possible by timely servicing conducted by specialists. And if it is a question of maintenance of fire fighting equipment, only its timely execution is able to guarantee the maintenance of fire-protecting structures in an efficient condition and 100% response in the event of a fire.

Installation and service maintenance of fireproof equipment from FireTechnics

Our company has been present on the domestic market for providing effective fire safety for many years. We not only produce high-quality fire protection barriers of various degrees of fire resistance and designation, but also carry out their qualified installation throughout the country (having the appropriate qualification and license from the Ministry for Emergency Situations to install such structures).

The qualitative installation of fire fighting systems is an important factor in their productive work. Our experienced and highly qualified specialists improve their skills every day in the field of installation of fire and smoke protection structures. That’s why we can give a long-term quality guarantee to our fire safety systems, and in addition offer services for maintenance, repair of fire-fighting structures and maintenance of gates with and without fire protection.

Measures on carrying out of service maintenance:

  • Conducting planned preventive examinations, diagnostics, checking of operability according to the regulations
  • преимущества сервисного обслуживания противопожарной продукции (шторы, ворота) Elimination of minor malfunctions, imperfections
  • Assistance in the proper operation

Advantages of working with our company:

  • Group of companies FireTechnics is a manufacturer of fire protection systems (curtains, gates) and rolling gates without fire protection, and no one, except Us, will be able to provide you with a really high-quality service. We know everything about this product
  • The production base, equipped with modern equipment, which makes it possible, in case of need, to make the necessary parts and parts for replacement in a short time
  • A design team that can solve the most complex tasks associated with the modernization and refinement of structures

Specialists of FireTechnics Group
Have all the necessary permits, certificates, licenses and experience for the provision of service.

If you have any questions, you can contact us in any convenient way:


для чего необходимо сервисное обслуживание противопожарной продукции (шторы, ворота)

Service and fire fighting services

When creating a highly effective fire protection there can be no insignificant details. Our specialists know about this not by hearsay, they are engaged in the production, installation and maintenance of protective systems.

Service is called a set of measures that are aimed at maintaining the parameters of the functioning of equipment at a given level, and constant monitoring of serviceability. Service maintenance of the gates with and without fire protection, as well as protecting from the fire and smoke curtains provides for periodic work aimed at checking their performance, various preventive operations in accordance with established regulations, as well as eliminating the smallest malfunctions.

Modern overlapping various openings of the system, with or without fire protection, are always complex mechanisms that require regular attention and professional approach. Procedures in the service and repair are quite complex and time consuming, and therefore they can be trusted only by professionals.

Working in the fire safety equipment market since 2002, we are ready to take on the whole range of services within the framework of service maintenance – from prevention to the conversion of the created systems.

Why is it necessary to repair and maintain the gate, as well as fire protection systems?

  • Regularly conducted qualified service ensures the uninterrupted working capacity of products;
  • The possibility of interruptions in the production cycle of enterprises that may be caused by sudden breakdowns is excluded;
  • 100% fire protection is guaranteed in case of fire;
  • Eliminating minor breakdowns, experts save your money that you could spend when such defects lead to a “capital” breakdown of equipment and costly repairs;
  • Service allows you to extend the life of the products.

Ideally, maintenance of fire fighting systems should be carried out literally at every facility where they are installed, from the time they are put into operation. As a result, they will be maintained in an uninterrupted and fully operational state during the entire claimed period of operation, and also, as a clock, triggered in the event of an outbreak in order to save material values and people’s lives.

Repair and maintenance of gates

Street gates are an important element, both in production and in local areas. And their complete or partial failure can deliver not just inconveniences, but also monetary losses, if, for example, because of this, the process of loading goods stops or the cars will be blocked, the room will be cooled, etc.

The required repair of the garage doors and the inability to comfortably use them also cause a lot of trouble, albeit not so critical. In order to avoid such unpleasant situations, it is necessary to conclude a contract for the maintenance and repair of the gate with Fire Technics company in advance.

We work literally with any type of structure and produce:

  • Maintenance of sliding gates;
  • Diagnostics and repair of swing gates;
  • Maintenance of sliding gates;
  • Repair and maintenance of sectional doors;
  • Maintenance and repair work on fireproof gates.

For any type of gate and their automation to last as long as possible, they need service at least twice a year. Refusing to regularly diagnose, remember that overhaul repair of automatic gates will cost you several times more than preventive inspection and elimination of minor defects.

Сервисное обслуживание FireTechnics


  • General diagnostics of curtains, test descents and lifts (in manual mode and in the mode of operation of the fire protection system)
  • Assessment of the general condition of the curtains, checking for corrosion and contamination
  • Checking the condition of the curtain canvas (the condition of seams, side pockets, the presence of ruptures, etc.)
  • Checking the work of the guides (the presence of gaps, the condition of the guides), cleaning from large debris
  • Checking the condition of winding the fabric (the presence of distortions, folds, etc.)
  • Checking the operation of the cut-off bus (clamping quality, level in the housing niche, tightness to the floor surface)
  • Checking the attachment of the blade to the shaft
  • Checking the condition of the fasteners (consoles, side covers, side tires)
  • Checking the operation of the drive, mounting the motor, the condition of the fuses
  • Diagnosis of cable connection to the motor
  • General system operation check
  • Checking the final position of the curtain leaf, adjusting the limit switches
  • Checking the mains voltage
  • Check the charging voltage of the battery (26.5 – 27.5 V at 220 C)
  • Voltage monitoring (signal failure in power supply)
  • Disconnection of the network (the electrical equipment must be in working order from the battery)
  • Raising and lowering the curtain leaf (button on the control unit or remote switch)
  • Control of space in the path and in the place where the blade is lowered
  • Significant comments on the PPB

Terms of service FIRE-FIGHTING GATES

  • External inspection, checking the operability of the gate, assessing compliance with the rules and safety of operation, checking the reliability of fastening the main units
  • The defect of the web (no deformation, damage, contamination, increased wear, symmetrical winding on the shaft (if any), no winding fault on the shaft (if any), breaks and damages of the fire pockets), guide rails (no deformation, Strong fixation, no damage to welded seams), consoles (no deformation, damage, strong fixation, no damage to welded joints), shaft (horizontal installation, no damage), shaft axes All bearings are in place, the tightening torque is in accordance with the requirements), the electric drive (no unusual operating noise, oil leakage, tightening torque complies with the requirements, all the fastening parts in place), automation (the control unit housing is not damaged , The keys work, the CEE plug is easily pulled out)
  • Check of a condition, broach of all screw connections, adjusting screws
  • Check and adjustment of limit switches of the electric drive
  • Check of working capacity and adjustment of a reducer of emergency manual lifting of the electric motor
  • Check of a condition and reliability of fastening of lateral locks of lamellas, wind hooks
  • Checking the symmetrical winding of the blade on the shaft, checking for and presence of distortions, jams, troubleshooting
  • Troubleshoot minor issues
  • Checking the automatic lowering of the gate from the APS system
  • Significant comments on the PPB


  • Visual inspection
  • Functional Testing
  • Assessment of compliance with operating and safety regulations
  • Check of reliability of fastening of the basic units
  • Checking the fabric: no deformation, no damage, no dirt, no increased wear, symmetrical movement of the blade
  • Checking the guide rails (if any): no deformation, no damage, strong fastening, no damage
  • Checking the consoles (if any): no deformation, no damage, strong fixation, no damage to welded joints
  • Checking the shaft (if any): horizontal installation, no damage, bearing diagnostics (all mounting parts in place, tightening torque in accordance with the requirements) Checking the drive (if any): no unusual operating noise, oil leakage, tightening torque, all parts Fastening in place, if necessary, adjustment of limit switches
  • Automation check (if available): the control unit housing is not damaged, the keys work, the CEE plug is easily pulled out
  • Threading of all threaded connections, adjusting screws
  • Check of working capacity and adjustment of a reducer of emergency manual lifting of the electric motor
  • Check of a condition and reliability of fastening of lateral locks of lamellas, wind hooks (at presence)
  • Troubleshoot minor issues

When servicing in FireTechnics center
The guarantee is doubled!

To carry out warranty and post-warranty repair of fire fighting equipment, maintenance of fire doors and gates on the basis of the company, a special unit of the guarantee service was formed. Mobile teams of our qualified experienced specialists will conduct the entire list of repair and preventive works in the shortest possible time, which may include:

  1. Service of the gate;
  2. Urgent repair of fire doors;
  3. Repair of automatics;
  4. Installation of electric drives and automation systems on the gates;
  5. Installation of access control and monitoring systems (ACS);
  6. Lubrication works;
  7. Replacement of small parts;
  8. Repair of gate drives;
  9. Replacement of rollers;
  10. Programming of consoles, etc.

Do this work not professionals who have no knowledge, no experience, no specialized equipment is absolutely impossible. In the staff of our professional service department there are experienced engineers specializing in repairing gates in Moscow and other cities, as well as a number of other specialists to eliminate problems with fire fighting equipment and structures without fire protection.

At any time convenient to you, you can call or leave an online application to the manager of our service department, after which you are guaranteed fast and high-quality assistance of our specialists.

Important point: service maintenance and repair of sliding gates (or other structures) during the warranty period is free of charge. As soon as the warranty period has expired, at the request of the customer, a contract for regular maintenance for a period of at least a year may be concluded.

If you have any questions, call, the customer service function daily, without days off and holidays. We leave at the request of our customers for the maintenance of automatic gates and fire-fighting structures within 24 hours from the moment of their submission!