Противопожарные шторы FireTechnics
Innovative manufacturing in MO
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the warranty period
FireTechnics gives away a free project!
Fire curtains
EI60; EI90; EI120 (without irrigation)
Противопожарные шторы FireTechnics
Automatic fire
sectional gates EI60
Секционные противопожарные воротаПромышленные рулонные ворота FireTechnics
Roller gates М80; М80Р
Противопожарные шторы FireTechnics
The products are supplied to the object
almost in the assembled state
Free measurement and design!
Smoke curtains
Fireshield E120
Противопожарные шторы FireTechnicsРулонные ворота
Roller gates
insulated brand AL-120
Fire curtains
Противопожарные шторы Гармошка
Противопожарные шторы FireTechnics
FireTechnics works
for You since 2002
We invite to cooperation
Free shipping to terminal
city Kolomna
Fire-fighting sliding gates
fire resistance EI60; EI90
Откатные противопожарные ворота
Fire swing gates
FireTechnics-D ЕI60
Распашные противопожарные ворота EI60Рулонные ворота из светопрозрачного поликарбоната
Translucent roll-up gates
Противопожарные шторы FireTechnics
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German quality from the Russian manufacturer
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About FireTechnics

Modern fire protection systems are a complex of security and information equipment. The tasks of the devices included in them are the timely detection of smoke or fire, the transfer of data about the situation to responsible persons, the localization of the source of combustion, and activation of fire protection equipment. Such systems are mandatory for installation in facilities where there is a high probability of fire, as well as in places where a fire can harm a large number of people and property values:

  • at production facilities;
  • at oil refineries, as well as chemical plants;
  • in shopping centers, hotels, restaurants;
  • in warehouses, etc.
Современные противопожарные системы
Разнообразие противопожарных систем

Fire protection systems: features and benefits

Public, industrial and business buildings with a large area and complex layout can be equipped with several types of fire safety systems:

  • devices for detecting a source of fire in automatic mode, capable of promptly notifying the dispatcher’s point about it;
  • Elements of water supply and fire extinguishing, which allow to fight with fire;
  • alarm system, which helps to organize evacuation;
  • systems that allow localization of the source of ignition, preventing the spread of flame and smoke throughout the building.

Any such system, aimed at fire safety, is a multisyllabic set of products, which can include fire and smoke sensors, all kinds of annunciators, curtains against the spread of flames and smoke, allowing localization of the source of combustion, and many others. Etc. And the choice of equipment for such a plan today is truly variable.

How to understand all this variety to the uninitiated person, who is responsible for this or that industrial or commercial building? In addition, it is not enough to choose a protective system, because you still need to design it in accordance with the area and features of the structure, correctly mount and constantly maintain, maintaining efficiency. Only in this case it will work flawlessly, revealing the ignition at an early stage, quickly alerting personnel about it, localizing its focus, in order to ensure rapid evacuation “without losses” and safe extinguishing of the fire with minimal damage to property.

All this is quite possible for you – just choose the firefighting equipment included in the protection systems from the company FireTechnics – a recognized domestic leader in the production and installation of high-quality fire protection systems!

A variety of fire protection systems from FireTechnics

The group of companies “FireTechnics” has been on the market for fifteen years and managed to prove itself in such a long time as a responsible producer and supplier of consistently high-quality products.

The main areas of our activity are production, delivery to the facility, installation and subsequent servicing of variable fire protection systems, created in accordance with the needs and wishes of customers. All products undergo multistage control at all stages of production and are certified in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Not all firefighting organizations are ready to offer you an equally rich catalog of fireproof products containing a huge number of components for installing highly efficient systems. They not only save human lives in the event of sudden fires, but also do not allow the products of combustion to spread through the territory of the facility, as a result, ensuring the safety of property, equipment and property values until the arrival of firefighters:

  • Vertical and horizontal fire protection curtains of an increased level of fire resistance, both with water irrigation and without it, intended for windows and other types of openings, as well as division of the room into compartments that do not allow the products of combustion to spread beyond their limits.
  • Flame retardants and membranes.
  • Sectional, roll, sliding and swing fire doors and doors for all kinds of openings, impervious to fire and high temperatures. Their fire protection will remain at the highest level, even if at the request of the customers they will be equipped with wickets, an anti-panic system, partially glazed, equipped with a hatch for pulling the fire hose and automation.
  • Smoke removal systems allow localization and removal of smoke accumulating under the ceiling outside the building. These include fans, smoke exhaust valves, roof installations and other elements in the industrial ventilation COLT GROUP and complex solutions from COLT GROUP and FireTechnics, smoke barriers, equipment for heat and smoke removal, climate control systems and facade sun protection systems.
  • Gates and doors without fire protection.

The fire-fighting system, which can be bought for any budget, not only allows to increase the fire safety level of the building, but also has many other useful functions. For example, qualitative barriers do not allow explosive substances to enter from one part of the structure to another, playing technological, as well as economic role. However, their main task still remains localization of flame and smoke in the place of ignition, minimizing material damage and the possibility of harm to human health.

Why is it necessary to equip the fire room with a system from FireTechnics?

At present, FireTechnics is a technological production and trading enterprise, constantly improving and keeping pace with the times. Along with supplies of exceptionally high-quality fireproof products, we guarantee the safe and long-term use of the equipment purchased from us. At the same time, we not only supply components for the design of high-quality and trouble-free fire protection systems, but also offer our own professional experience in the field of equipment installation, which allows us to guarantee its harmonious and reliable operation for decades.

Choosing our firefighting systems, you can be 100% sure that they:

  • comply with European quality standards;
  • have a high level of fire protection, which allows them to contain the spread of fire and smoke before the arrival of firefighters;
  • give sufficient time for human evacuation, and also minimize damage to property and material values;
  • have a long warranty period of faultless operation;
  • having a stylish appearance and the possibility of variable decor, fire-fighting products FireTechnics organically fit into the exterior and interior of any buildings;
  • Their price is very affordable against the backdrop of the highest quality.

Call us, without delay, our professional managers with pleasure will answer all your questions and take an order for the design of the system in the shortest possible time, regardless of the degree of complexity. In just a month, the fire protection system developed with all the features of the facility and your wishes will be created, installed and tested for fire efficiency in case of fire!

Why FireTechnics?

Оптимальная стоимость FireTechnics

Optimal cost

The production of fire fighting equipment in a short time is one of the main principles of FireTechnics. The maximum quality in the shortest time is something we always strive for.

Соблюдение сроков FireTechnics


Manufacture of fire-fighting equipment in a short time is one of the basic principles of FireTechnics. Maximum quality in minimum time — what we always strive for.

Гарантия качества FireTechnics

Quality assurance

German quality from the Russian manufacturer. Fire safety can only be ensured if the production technology is observed. Our Quality Department will not miss a low-quality product.

Собственное производство FireTechnics

Own production

The production facilities are equipped with the latest specialized equipment, which makes the production of fire fighting systems strictly according to the plan agreed with the Customer.

Высокий уровень сервиса FireTechnics

High level of service

Design, production and installation. Due to the availability of its own production of fire protection systems, it is possible to manufacture both standard sizes and individual sizes.

Положительная репутация FireTechnics

Positive Reputation

In the production of fire extinguishing systems, we focus on long-term relationships with the client. This gave us the opportunity to form an ideal reputation among the largest construction projects in Russia, the CIS and Europe.

Опытные специалисты FireTechnics

Experienced specialists

Specialists of our company, who have the necessary qualifications and experience since 2002, are ready to perform the full range of services for the commissioning and maintenance of fire fighting equipment.

Проектирование FireTechnics

Designing of fire-prevention systems

A design group that is able to solve the most complex tasks related to the modernization and modification of fire safety structures. Call us and we will provide a free project.

Новые технологии FireTechnics

New technologies

The production equipment is constantly updated with modern equipment, which enables the company to move forward and offer its customers new solutions, moving in step with technological progress.

Соответствие стандартам FireTechnics


Fire-fighting products are certified in accordance with the Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements, Federal Law No. 123-FZ of 22.07.2008, GOST R 53303, GOST R 53305, GOST R 53307.

Работы по себестоимости FireTechnics

We work at a low cost

When ordering fire protection systems in the company FireTechnics, work on installation, dismantling, repair and maintenance of fire barriers with a discount of up to 70%. German quality from the Russian manufacturer.

Оптимизация процессов FireTechnics

Optimization of business processes

We optimized the internal business processes in such a way that delivery and commissioning of fire protection systems would not affect your business. We work when your employees have a rest.

Технологичные решения FireTechnics

Technological solutions

Calculations and advisory services on the choice of fire fighting equipment, the use of modern fire protection technologies, are made by specialists who possess not only knowledge, but also vast experience.

Документирование FireTechnics

Electronic document management

All plans and arrangements for the production of fire protection systems – we fix in the contract, the results of the work are fixed in the acts, the history of the relationship with the Customer is conducted in the CRM.

Ориентация на клиента FireTechnics

We focus on the customer

The success of the company FireTechnics was only due to the fact that the customer dictates the rules of interaction. The wishes and needs of the client are at the heart of any cooperation in the production and installation of fire protection systems.

How FireTechnics works?

Заявка в FireTechnics


You are applying for a service. We begin the preliminary calculation, then the preliminary drawing and send you a commercial offer.

Согласование FireTechnics


We review the application and specify the details (by phone or directly from you), agree on the order of implementation, the requirements for the results, deadlines and cost.

Заключение договора FireTechnics

Conclusion of the contract

Based on the results of the approval of the application, we draw up a technical task for the execution of works, reflect the agreed requirements, conditions, terms and cost in the contract. Sign the contract.

Реализация FireTechnics


We make a detailed plan for the execution of works (rendering services) and proceed to implementation. Based on the results of the execution, we prepare a report and an act of acceptance and transfer of the performed work.

Certificates confirming the consistently high quality of products

сертификаты на противопожарные системы

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Fire curtains with DISCOUNT only now!


Action «order with a guaranteed 5% discount» ends in exactly:

Who cooperates FireTechnics

Partners FireTechnics

Map to the Central office FireTechnics

Production in Kolomna

Central office in Podolsk

Production in Chekhov

And a little more about the company FireTechnics

Fire Protection – FireTechnics

The FireTechnics group of companies has been working for you since 2002 and has established itself as a reliable, responsible partner with quality products.

The main activity of the company is the production, delivery, installation and maintenance of fire protection systems with various degrees of fire resistance and smoke protection, as well as rolling gates without fire protection, known under the brand name “MVA”.

All the products of the company are certified according to the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, there is an internal strict quality control, which guarantees our partners only high-quality products.
The production complex is equipped with modern equipment, ready to fulfill any projects of our customers, according to the requirements and just in time.

Fire extinguishing systems – FireTechnics

Group of companies FireTechnics, having a large number of products of its own production, is ready to solve problems in a complex manner, blocking the openings of all types, eliminating its customers from the need to search for several suppliers for the project.

The management of the company pays special attention not only to production, but also to installation, The correct installation is a guarantee of safety and durability of the construction work. Specialists regularly receive training and advanced training in their own classroom, which eliminates installation errors and, as a result, increases the level of safety and durability of operation.

For the years of its work the company has accumulated in its arsenal a huge number of realized projects, among them Administrative buildings of the Russian Federation, Institutions of culture and education, Shopping centers, Hotels, Warehouse complexes and much more.

Constantly raising its professional level, cooperating with European and Russian colleagues, the range of our products is also growing.

More details with our products can be found in the following sections:

  • Fireproof curtains
  • Fire doors and gates
  • Gates and doors without fire protection, barriers
  • Smoke protection means

To date, the FireTechnics Group of Companies is a modern manufacturing and trading company, with quality products that guarantee the safe and long-term use of the acquired products.

We will be glad to cooperate with you!