Противопожарные шторы FireTechnics
Innovative manufacturing in MO
Service doubles
the warranty period
FireTechnics gives away a free project!
Fire curtains
EI60; EI90; EI120 (without irrigation)
Противопожарные шторы FireTechnics
Automatic fire
sectional gates EI60
Секционные противопожарные воротаПромышленные рулонные ворота FireTechnics
Roller gates М80; М80Р
Противопожарные шторы FireTechnics
The products are supplied to the object
almost in the assembled state
Free measurement and design!
Smoke curtains
Fireshield E120
Противопожарные шторы FireTechnicsРулонные ворота
Roller gates
insulated brand AL-120
Fire curtains
Противопожарные шторы Гармошка
Противопожарные шторы FireTechnics
FireTechnics works
for You since 2002
We invite to cooperation
Free shipping to terminal
city Kolomna
Fire-fighting sliding gates
fire resistance EI60; EI90
Откатные противопожарные ворота
Fire swing gates
FireTechnics-D ЕI60
Распашные противопожарные ворота EI60Рулонные ворота из светопрозрачного поликарбоната
Translucent roll-up gates
Противопожарные шторы FireTechnics
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German quality from the Russian manufacturer
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About the company

LLC “Fire protection Systems” produces fire curtains and fire gates, rolled industrial gates without fire protection under the brand FireTechnics.
The company was founded in 2002, during its operation it has increased its production capacity to 3000 m2. The production complex is equipped with modern equipment ready to produce any volumes, according to the terms of reference and on time. The company has more than 100 employees.
The company not only produces, but also delivers to the facility and performs installation. The geography of the work covers the whole of Russia and the CIS countries. It has an extensive network of dealers and representatives.
The product line includes more than 20 types. Having a large number of products of its own production, the company is ready to solve problems comprehensively, blocking openings of all types, saving its Customers from the need to find several suppliers for the implementation of the project, taking on this task.
Over the years, the company has accumulated in its arsenal a huge number of implemented projects, Administrative buildings, cultural and educational institutions, Shopping centers, Hotels, Warehouse complexes and much more.

We produce and supply

Our Certificates

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Completed objects

Main customers

Our news

  • Складная штора дымозащитная FireTechnics-E60 на объекте

Folding smoke-proof curtain Fire Technics-E60 at the facility

November 27th, 2023|0 Comments

Firetechnics Group has completed the measurement, production and installation of the following products: Products with a brand name:Smoke-proof curtain (smoke-proof) FireTechnics models FireTechnics-E60 (fire resistance limit E60), folding (accordion type), automatic (with electric drive)Curtains look [...]

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Hotel fire safety: what you need to know

November 23rd, 2023|0 Comments

Fire safety of hotels is an important factor in the hospitality sector. In conditions of constant noise, regular cooking and the transition of many employees to irregular shifts, hotels need to pay special attention to [...]

  • Важность обучения пожарной безопасности

The Importance of Fire safety training

November 17th, 2023|0 Comments

Fire safety training is vital in any environment, but workplace fire safety training is essential for any business or organization operating in a commercial building. Everyone who works in a building should know how to [...]


Free delivery to the shopping center “Business Lines” Kolomna
Discount on FireTechnics fire-resistant curtains of the “Accordion” type with a fire resistance limit of EI180 (Z – cloth) – 10%
We will manufacture and install Rolled insulated industrial gates of the AL-120 brand in 4 weeks


Central Office



Legal address


Telephone: 8(499)941-07-47
Free call in Russia: 8(800)333-32-91
E-mail: info@fire-tec.ru
Monday-Friday: from 9:00 to 18:00

Central Office
28 Komsomolskaya str., office 611, Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russian Federation
121 Oktyabrskaya str., Kolomna, Moscow Region, Russian Federation
43 Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya str., building 206, office 104, Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russian Federation
Legal address
60 Dorozhnaya str., building 4, office 118, Moscow, Russian Federation