Important points when buying fire curtains

//Important points when buying fire curtains

Important points when buying fire curtains

First of all, buildings are legally required to comply with strict fire safety regulations designed to help protect you and your family from the deadly effects of fire and smoke. The legislation is applied by the Building Control Authority, according to which compliance with these rules will determine whether your expansion, renovation or new building project meets the Construction Control requirements.

What to consider when buying fire curtain

When buying a fire curtain, it is important to consider whether the product you purchased has the correct certification. If not, it is very likely that the fire curtain has not been tested to the required standards. Therefore, you are putting your home at risk, as well as its inhabitants, who are unable to protect you in the event of a fire. In addition, if the fire curtain does not meet the correct standards, your construction project will not meet the building control approval.

Third party certification

The certification body for building materials and products Scientific-design-Production Republican Unitary Enterprise “Stroytechnorm” is an accredited Eurasian Economic Union and a recognized supplier of high-quality and customer-oriented third-party certification. A third party certified for our range of Active Fire Curtain Assembly Products, as well as a Passive Fire Protection Installer, FireTechnics can provide you with fire safety products that are guaranteed to have the correct certification and meet certain legal standards.

It should also be noted that it is important for you to seek professional advice from your designated Authorized Construction Control Authority before contacting a fire curtain supplier. As for the recommendations for your project, this will quickly help you establish the correct specification of the type of fire curtain you require, and is the first step to ensuring that your project complies with fire safety regulations. Once you have the specification, it’s time to contact a reputable vendor for a quote.

Another factor to consider when purchasing fire curtains is the Total Gravity Fault Tolerance (PGO). This is a backup system that is designed to ensure that your fire curtain is deployed to the closed position, even if your property is suffering from a power failure or a short circuit. In order for the fire curtain to comply with strict fire safety regulations, it is necessary to install a PGO, as this is important to ensure that your fire curtain meets the Building Administration’s approval.

After installing your fire curtain, as well as the fire safety certificate, the organization responsible for putting you into operation must issue you the correct certification. This commissioning certificate must certify that your fire curtain meets the established standards, has been installed by a third-party certified installer, and is operating in accordance with fire safety regulations. It is this documentation that Construction control authorities and insurers usually request to confirm compliance with regulatory requirements.

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