TR OF THE EAEU 043/2017. Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union

//TR OF THE EAEU 043/2017. Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union

TR OF THE EAEU 043/2017. Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union

TR OF THE EAEU 043/2017. Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union “On Requirements for Fire safety and Fire Extinguishing Equipment”

Fire safety equipment that is used to prevent fire spread, minimize threats to human health and property, must meet the standards of certification of Technical Regulations. For this purpose, a procedure has been developed for the study of fire extinguishing products and their use in extreme situations, which is used in the Customs Union.

What are the advantages of obtaining the certificate of the EAEU TR 043/2017?

  • save time spent on passing the certification or Declaration;
  • no need for the registration document for each country separately;
  • acceleration of trade between members of the customs Union has a positive impact on their economy;
  • increase the number of sales companies and the appearance of the prospects for their further development.

Types of products included in the list of products that require the receipt of TR CU 043:

Flame retardants for:

  • wooden products and derived materials;
  • reinforced concrete and steel structures;
  • cable products.

Molded electrical products:

  • produced from non-metallic materials.

Products that create fire barriers:

  • doors, windows, gate, shutters, doors, dampers, louvers, etc.;
  • engineering design used for sealing and protection of cable lines: I/o, bus bars, couplings tubular products;
  • door dymogazonepronitsaemye fire resistant and smoke-tight.

Parts that ensure the operation of the smoke exhaust ventilation:

Documents required for certification

In order to start the process of obtaining TR CU 043 2017 the applicant must meet the following conditions:

  1. Provide the body conducting the certification procedure with a package of documentation. It should contain information that confirms the compliance of the properties and purpose of the products with the requirements of fire protection according to the technical regulations. This means that the certified products are:
  • correspond to the technical description and the intended purpose;
  • they have technological, technical or operational documentation.
  1. Provide a list of all existing international, national, interstate and regional standards, on whose basis it is possible to make an initial examination certifying compliance with the requirements of the current standards.
  2. Make a description of the technical solutions. Such documents confirm that the products in question meet the current technical regulations based on the risk analysis made. By studying the properties of products according to this criterion, it is possible to determine the degree of compliance with the parameters of reliability and protection, which are similar to the requirements imposed by the 043 regulation tr CU.

Other documents:

  • Contracts that are concluded for the supply of fire-resistant goods, shipping invoices.
  • Copies of contracts with the manufacturer, including foreign ones. They must contain provisions confirming the compliance of the products of counteraction and fire protection with the provisions of the specified technical regulations. The manufacturer indicates that it is responsible for deviations from the norms given in the standards in force in the territory of the States where they are applied.
  • If individual components are supplied with the basic products, they must also have documents confirming their ability to ensure safety and can be used in the event of a fire.
  • The certifying authority has the right to require other documents that provide additional guarantees and confirmations of fire safety and fire extinguishing of products.

Responsibilities of the person receiving the certificate

Manufacturers take all measures to ensure that production remains stable, and the products meet the fire safety requirements of TR CU 043. The product circulation mark must be applied after certification is passed. Such a marking element is allowed for the designation of goods. At the same time, a single reference mark must be applied to each of the product units in a way acceptable for a particular product.

The image must remain bright and legible throughout the entire period of use of fire extinguishing or fire safety equipment. In addition, the signs must be applied to the packaging and technical documentation. If the marking of the passed certification cannot be placed on each of the vehicles due to the size, configuration features or material, it is allowed to apply the image only on the technical documentation and packaging.

After the certification procedures are completed, a package of reporting documentation is formed. It includes research protocols that confirm the possibility of using the products, and a certificate.

The documents that are issued for serial products that are used to ensure fire safety and fire fighting measures are valid for five years. However, there are single batches of security products that are certified without a limitation of the validity period.

What is the procedure for issuing a certificate?

It is acceptable for both legal entities and individuals to apply for the EAEU TR 043 2017 On Requirements for Fire Safety Equipment. A mandatory condition is registration on the territory of the country, the subject of the EAEU. The applicant may be the manufacturer or its authorized person, as well as the seller.

The process of registration of the EAEU TR 043 2017 involves the passage of successive stages:

  • first, the technical documentation package is checked;
  • then-the identification procedure based on the inspection or testing of the product;
  • next, the samples submitted for certification studies on CU TR 043 About obezopasit in the laboratory with the appropriate accreditation;
  • certification method involves the need to check the status of the enterprise, the analysis of the existing production conditions;
  • in the next step the results are examined in terms of quality, if it is included in the plan of the certification activities;
  • analysis of results obtained in the course of consideration of a question on the certification of technical regulations of the EAEU 043/2017 about the safety of certified products;
  • a decision on the certification or denial of certificate is accepted on the basis of consideration of the possibility to issue the Declaration of the customs Union;
  • if you decide to issue a certificate, it is made and provided;
  • the next step is the labeling of a single sign-treatment in all the markets of the EAEU;
  • the final step is the appointment of inspection, if required by the certification scheme.
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